How to clean your keyboard from dust

What should I do if the keyboard of your laptop or computer covered with a thin layer of dust between the keys and kept the whole Deposit crumbs? How to clean your keyboard from dust, using home, safe tools?

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Crumbs – a common phenomenon for a person whose life is closely connected with computers: not to be distracted from work, many people drink coffee or eat Breakfast sandwiches without leaving the flickering of the screen. Sometimes mugs tip, and «stoked» keys. Do not forget about the sticky jam or honey.

Dirt settles on the screen, grease stains discernible on the body of the black cover and do not want to wash. Worse than this can be the only keyboard, covered with gray mud coating. It’s not cleanliness – electronic technology has the ability to attract contamination to the speed of light, and to keep the item in good condition as long as possible, you need to periodically clean all small parts. If you do not carry out elementary operations, the keys of the laptop very quickly fail.

How to clean the keyboard from dust

The most important rule before cleaning: full disconnect equipment from the mains and removing the battery. If water gets inside a working computer, happen circuit, whose consequences could be dire and irreversible. Special soft brush and cloth will cope with surface contamination. Doing major spring cleaning, you can keep it clean, periodically wipe the keyboard surface. The liquid caught on the buttons, it is better to remove and not to wait for it to dry out or impregnate the inner part. For deep cleaning the keyboard need to be removed.

  • Turn off the power, make photos, not to break the sequence of buttons;
  • To remove each button be careful not to damage. Use tweezers, it is better to start from the edge. Some laptop models have a built-in keyboard – the only way out – blowing keys air;
  • Every detail wipe with a cotton pad soaked in isopropyl or 96% ethyl alcohol, soapy water. Stores sell special solutions for cleansing. Isopropyl alcohol can remove even the age-old spots, but remember that it must be pre-diluted;
  • Eat do not want to wash every detail, buttons can be folded into a package with the cleaning solution, shake well and drain the dirty water;
  • Clean the button with a toothbrush, cotton swab, damp cloth (alcohol wipes perfectly remove grease stains);
  • Before you put everything back in place, make sure parts are completely dry.

Cleaning without removing the top layer there is a wet, well wrung-out cloth with a soft NAP. In computer stores you can buy special Velcro-like slime. Tucking the Velcro to buttons, you quickly collect all the dirt accumulated in the gaps between the keys.

Another way: clean out the rubbish with compressed air. Under pressure, powerful jet of air easily blows out all the garbage. Spray you can buy in automotive stores. Special mini vacuum cleaner for computers perform the same function, only have a more profound effect. You can use car cleaner.

If you have filled the laptop is Coca-Cola or beer, will have to disassemble not only the keyboard but also to remove the film from the contacts. Thoroughly cleaned wet places, dry. For faster drying you can use a hair dryer (cold air flow).

Nothing complicated, but not to run machinery, to carry out surface cleaning is recommended at least 1 time per month, and more serious cleaning once in 3-4 months.

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