How to open hidden folders in Windows

Computer operating system designed on a simple standard: a home viewing video, using social networks, printing. It is important to know that the possibility of the PC not unlimited. How to find hidden default objects and open hidden folders in Windows? Как открыть скрытые папки в Windows Related articles:

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After a detailed diagnosis in computer memory and always found the extra documents. When checking it turns out that MB is a little higher than the specified volume of all detected files. Extra megabytes is nothing like a mysterious hidden folders. But why are they hidden? The answer is simple: this way Windows protects the system, protects system objects from accidental deletion or move of an inexperienced user. Delete the unknown folder may lead to malfunction.

Windows hides the documents related to programming and systems administration, which can only be used by experienced programmers. If earlier it was possible not to think about the value of the hidden files, now knowing their location is necessary. Why? Because some viruses infect and hide the documents that could lead to serious consequences.

Sometimes the system requires you to copy documents in hidden folders. But how to do it, if they are not visible to the user?

How to open hidden folders

To start the search should, of course, with settings. Click on «start» located at the bottom of the screen on the left side. Then open the «control Panel» and find «Properties».

In the properties click on the «View» tab, scroll down and click on «Hidden files and folders». Give consent to showing hidden objects, selecting «Show hidden files» and confirm the action by pressing the button «apply».

Как открыть скрытые папки в Windows

To see hidden folders completely (some may not show), find in the list «Hide protected hidden files» — uncheck, save.

Windows 7

You commit similar actions. Go to the control panel, find «folder options», then go to «view folders» in the dialog box of additional parameters of a tick «Show hidden files and drives».

Removing unneeded objects you will clear the computer of unnecessary information. It is important not to overdo it, because instead of «garbage» you may accidentally delete important system documents.

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