How to achieve the ideal waist-to-fly

In winter, the body tend to make some fat reserves to make it more comfortable to survive the cold. Most often body fat you can see at the tummy and sides. Of course, girls such a frustrating, but both want to look perfect! Everything is in your hands! You can’t give up if the vacation is approaching, but your waist is imperfect. The main thing-patience! Как добиться идеальной талии к лету Related articles:

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Start with reviewing your diet. The number of calories you need to cut. Last meal you should pass three hours before bedtime. Not even worth to remind how fast food, fatty meals and meats are harmful to your body! These foods can slow metabolism, cause accumulation of fluid. Therefore, what kind of weight loss can be a speech? And the baked goods won’t benefit your waistline. Complex carbohydrates will definitely settle you have on the sides in the form of unattractive deposits. Replace sweet desserts with dried fruit, dark chocolate, handful of nuts.

It is useful to go to the gym. The coach needs to recommend to you a special program suited specifically to you. If you regularly engaged in the gym, results are visible already after two weeks! But after the first workout is critical to examine myself in the mirror, hoping to see at least some result. Without the tenacity of «miracles» do not happen!

You might not always have the opportunity to regularly visit the gym. But playing at home will be the result. For example, start with simple: raise legs in supine position for ten times, keep your hands behind your head. Then increase the number raise up to one hundred (of course gradually). Tense muscles can be weakened, having done a similar exercise, only lifting the legs instead of the torso.

Effective and the following exercises: lie on one side, start to lift his leg for thirty reps. So for each leg. The exercise should be done each day then the results will be good.

You should not think about the flaws of their figures in the summer. It is better to start to do them in the spring. A muscular corset for a week you will not evolve, it is very important perseverance – classes to throw not worth it. And if you have the opportunity to go to the pool, don’t miss it – when bathing burned a lot of calories. And if failed to achieve the desired results for the beach season, don’t despair – you can find swimwear for her figure, and by next summer to lose weight!

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