How to care for the body

Every age is beautiful in its own way and every age need love. But nevertheless, we spend enormous sums to stay at least outwardly young: creams for face and for hands, hardware cosmetology, cleansing, mesotherapy, injection and so on. However, there are parts of the body, which treacherously given age is so actively concealed by us. Как правильно ухаживать за телом Related articles:

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How to use anti-aging body care

Unfortunately, there are parts of the body that we just forget the daily care first and foremost about the earlobes. Pay attention to middle-aged ladies — earlobes drawn around and formed wrinkles. To avoid this, discipline yourself not to wear heavy earrings every day and be sure to apply cream on this area. If the first age-related change has already affected your ears, use cosmetics with hyaluronic acid, it nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Falls just below the neck. It is the skin of the neck is the first to suffer when the deficit of collagen. Therefore, starting from 20-25 years to do moisturizing and nourishing masks on your neck too! Always perform exercises for the neck and eat more protein. Do not neglect and creams: apply on face and apply on neck. Neck skin is very delicate and requires special care, even if minimal.

The chest is a woman’s dignity. We all want to have beautiful bust but how much do we do this? Of course, if you exercise regularly, skrabirovanie entire body and use a moisturizing lotion, then aging will overtake you later. If you haven’t do sports — it’s time to start and be sure to include a set of exercises for the muscles supporting the breast.

If you use a scrub, to neckline, choose soft, gentle. And afterwards be sure to lubricate the breast cream. This can be a body lotion, face cream or a special cream.

Very often we forget about the elbows — his hands are permanently lubricated cream, but before the elbows do not reach… If you don’t want elbows gave out your age, you will train yourself simply not to put on them cream, but regularly skrabirovanie. Apply mask with collagen, drink more water and eat a protein — the main recommendations remain unchanged.

A few words about the hands. They, unfortunately, gets the most. Household chemicals, frost, wind, sun dry the skin, so it is very important in the cold season to wear gloves, use protective equipment when working with aggressive media, and at night is necessary to put fat cream. Use a good cream based on hyaluronic acid.

Let’s move on to the legs. First and foremost, be careful on your legs appeared spider veins is the first sign of varicose veins, which is a pretty serious disease and, most sadly, almost is not treated. However, the consequences of varicose veins can be reduced. If you notice you have vystupaya wreaths on legs — do not delay your visit to a phlebologist. A specialist will help you to get rid of them.

Knees and elbows are often deprived of attention. Unfortunately, with age they can appear fat or SAG skin. That did not happen — cellulite massage, sports, protein food, lots of water. In advanced cases, mesotherapy and the course of vacuum massage. Be sure to RUB the cream in his lap.

Add our recommendations to your daily to-do list for beauty and you will get amazing result. Of course, the eternal youth, we do not obey, but to prolong youthfulness of the body we can easily!

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