Hair transplant techniques: how to get gorgeous hair

The representatives of gentle sex with a luxurious thick hair admired and attract the views of others. Nice hair makes a charming image of women, and men thick hair helps to look stylish and even brutal. However, sometimes with age or because of other reasons, hair fall, bald patches appear on the head, and the hair loses its former luxury.

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 Методы пересадки волос: как обрести шикарную прическу

If you want to regain the beauty of the hair, take advantage of today’s popular service is hair transplantation. Not by chance this way of finding a lush head of hair so common, because it shows positive results: the hair on the treated areas of the head grow back quickly, traces of operation on the skin is not visible and it is a seamless method transplant scars are not formed. There is two ways to perform this procedure.


In this case, the occipital region of the head are removed the thin strips of skin with follicles, which are then implanted into the problem area. During the operation local anesthesia is used. The skin remains neat cosmetic stitches, but they quickly disappear under the regrown hair. The active growth of the transplanted hair starts a month after surgery. To the main advantage of this method is the ability to transplant large amounts of hair in one operation.


Here we use high-precision equipment, with which the back of the head to balding areas transplanting only the follicles. In this case, absolutely no risk of damaging the skin. The hair grow naturally after the operation, the head does not leave any wounds or scars. Today this method is gaining popularity and women, and men.

If you have decided to return to lost beauty and to get my hair done, contact a reliable specialist clinic. There you will find yourself in the hands of experienced doctors who do the surgery taking into account characteristics of your body. A sound approach doctors to the problem of baldness and the confidence of the patient to the doctor will lead to the desired result in the form of a thick attractive hair.

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