Free breathing: how to clean lungs with exercise

Beauty and health are inseparable from each other. To always look attractive, you need to watch your diet, exercise regularly and, of course, to enjoy life. Healthy breathing nourishes the cells with oxygen, causing improved skin color, there is energy in the body and improves mood.

Свободное дыхание: как очистить легкие с помощью упражнений

You will learn about the simple but extremely effective exercises with which your lungs quickly clears of toxins. Many use for this purpose various infusions, inhalations, compresses. But it is much wiser to perform simple daily exercises, because you not only restore your lungs and strengthen your muscles and bring your body in tone.

Gymnastics for the lungs

Stand up straight, hands lower along the body the feet on width of shoulders. Take a deep breath in through your nose while raising your hands up. On the exhale, return arms to starting position. Do breath consciously and deeply, and exhale, let it happen for itself. This exercise should be within 8-10 minutes. Now take the starting position: arms hanging down, feet shoulder width apart. Slowly breathe in through the nose, squatting with a straight back and raising his hands above his head. But now, straightening up, make an active exhalation, while pull his lips. Let the air comes out through the mouth noise. Ten minutes is enough in order to feel the desired effect. Adopt the pose of a diver in the water: the legs bend at the knees, hands extend along the body, which should be tilted forward. Now perform Mahi hands as if you are floating in the water. Making a circular motion with the right hand, the head turns to the left and this time inhale through your nose. When the arm goes to the side of the torso, out through your mouth. Alternately repeat the movement for 10 minutes.

Perform these simple exercises daily in the morning and evenings. At first you may feel dizzy, in this case, stop the exercises and rest. For optimum result, it is required to perform the exercises for one month, then take a break for a week and again start training. Three full months after the start of classes you will feel the freedom of breathing, the lungs will be cleansed, face posvezheet. > and you will feel great.

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