Wobenzym: instructions for use, price, reviews, analogs

«Wobenzym» is an anti-inflammatory drug with immunomodulatory properties. In addition, it relieves swelling, reduces blood clots, relieves pain. Use it in many fields of medicine. It contains a minimal list of contraindications and side effects. Compatible with all medications. Sold in pharmacies without a prescription.

The content of the article

  • Composition
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Testimony
  • Contraindications
  • Method of application
  • Side effects
  • Price and analogues
  • Reviews

Вобэнзим: инструкция по применению, цена, отзывы, аналоги


«Wobenzym» is a German pharmaceutical company. Presents preparation in the form of round tablets orange-red color. Contains Pancreatin, amylase, trypsin, papain, rutin, chymotrypsin, bromelain, and lipase.


The active substance of the drug is freely absorbed by the body, enter the bloodstream through the small intestine. Accumulate enzymes in the pathological process.


«Wobenzym» is used by doctors of different directions in the complex therapy of diseases. Hematologists use it for thrombophlebitis, endarteritis, atherosclerosis. Also use it as a preventive treatment for lymph edema, and phlebitis.

Gastroenterologists treat them inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, hepatitis and dysbacteriosis.

Gynecologists prescribe «Wobenzym» in infectious and inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system and STIs. Also prescribe it in combination with hormonal therapy to reduce the risk of side effects. Sometimes the preparation is recommended to women with a systematic miscarriage.

Proved to be excellent drug in dermatology in the treatment of atopic dermatitis, acne, dermatoses.

Use it and cardiologists for the relief of pain in angina, myocardial infarction. But should pay attention to that «Wobenzym» you need to take in combination with other drugs that support the cardiovascular system.

Effective drug in violation of cerebral circulation, multiple sclerosis, diabetic angiopathy and retinopathy, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Used the medicine in Nephrology and urology to combat such diseases as pyelonephritis, cystitis, prostatitis, glomerulonephritis.

Actively used his oncologists in the appointment of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Proved a drug in inflammatory diseases, ophthalmology, dentistry, otolaryngology and pulmonology.

Rheumatologists prescribe «Wobenzym» arthritis, osteoarthritis. It is also used for injuries, fractures, bruises and inflammation of the soft tissues. As a preventive treatment prescribe anti-inflammatory after surgery and lymph edema.


«Wobenzym» cannot be taken in the case where there is a risk of bleeding. Also do not use it during the hemodialysis. Pediatricians do not use the drug in relation to their patients under 5 years of age.

Method of application

Food slows absorption «Wobenzym», so it must be taken 40 minutes before eating or 2 hours after a meal. The dosage and the number of receptions is calculated on the basis of the nature of the disease. The minimum therapeutic dose consists of 3 pills three times a day for 2 weeks. For more prolonged effect therapy needs to be repeated after 14 days.

Side effects

If the dose was chosen correctly, the unpleasant consequences will bypass the patient’s side. In rare cases, you may experience nausea, diarrhea, heaviness in the stomach. Since the drug consists of vegetable components, it can cause allergic reactions.

Price and analogues

Cost 40 tablets «Wobenzym» is 450 rubles. Cheaper to buy a pack of 200 pieces, which costs about 1,800 rubles.

On drugstore shelves, you can see the analogs of the drug at a cheaper price, for example, «Avanim», «Galavit». But keep in mind that these drugs have a different composition and indications from them are somewhat different. And if «Menism» is designed to support the digestive tract, «Valentin» will help virtually any kind of adversity.


Judging by the reviews, the drug does not always justify their expectations. One woman he was appointed gynaecologist for inflammation of the Bartholin gland in conjunction with the antibiotic. As assured the doctor, «Wobenzym» strengthens the anti-infective drug. But the miracle did not happen. The woman was taking medication strictly according to instructions, but the problem remained.

Another girl suffered a few years with thrush. The drugs helped her only for a certain time. The doctor advised to drink a course «Wobenzym». In the end a few years candidiasis doesn’t.

Another patient was given the drug as a means of strengthening the immune system. Specialist advised me to take it into the season of viral diseases. The patient has forgotten what SARS, influenza and other respiratory disease.

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