How does children’s aggression

Not always the child grows docile and calm. Sometimes the child’s behavior may even be aggressive. In this case, it is important to quickly detect the problem and start solving it.

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  • What distinguishes aggression from aggression?
  • What features has the aggressiveness?
  • How to recognize an aggressive child?

Как проявляется детская агрессивность

What distinguishes aggression from aggression?

Aggression is an act aimed at causing harm (psychological, physical, tangible) person or group of persons That is a particular action that generated the situation. Normal signs of aggression can rarely be observed in a healthy person, when provoked by external circumstances. But aggressiveness is a different concept that refers to a character trait of personality. And if children have the stable aggressive behavior, this need to do something. But first you need to properly identify the aggressiveness, it’s not always it manifests itself only in fights and screams.

What features has the aggressiveness?

It is important to understand that the act of aggression is not aggression, but aggressiveness does not necessarily lead to deliberate destructive actions. It can manifest itself in such personality traits like negativity, excessive touchiness, extreme irritability, inconsistency, anger, and, of course, sometimes pugnacity and hype. While children’s aggression has a number of positive traits: activity, independence, initiative. But the child’s mind, because of its nesformirovannost, often chooses the negative manifestations.

How to recognize an aggressive child?

Aggressive child for most requests meets the angry and irritable, rude, raises her voice. In dealing with other children he shows elements of independence and leadership, constantly criticizes the kids and yells at them, offended, and takes revenge. One of the most prominent and common traits is verbal aggression: the child criticizes and name-calling other people, including adults. Quite often, this negative trait is manifested in the handling of material objects: toys do not last long, in the books many pages of drawings or torn, fragile items in fits of rage throwing and breaking. And of course, the most obvious indicator: the child himself provokes conflicts, starts fights, hits, scratches, bites, ruining other people’s things.

Upon detection of the behaviors described above, you should contact a child psychologist. It is important to understand that this is a fixable problem, just need to find her origins and to take timely necessary measures.

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