How to introduce children to reading

Modern children do not like to read. They so don’t want to learn to read, losing the ability of coherent speech and literate writing. Partly to blame for the computers, games and television. But we should not blame modern gadgets all the problems. Adults are also responsible.

The content of the article

  • Talk with your child about what they read
  • The right materials
  • Encourage reading
  • Modern gadgets
  • A personal example
  • Use the films in their order
  • Fun
  • Recommendations to parents:

Как приобщить детей к чтению

Talk with your child about what they read

Develop a love of reading in a child even before he learned the letters. Read books to the kid, discuss interesting moments, compose the options for the development of the plot.

The right materials

Choose interesting child literature. If he likes zombies or aliens, find the right book. You may have these books seem silly, but the interests of the child will change, and a love of reading will remain.

Encourage reading

Let the child reads the menu in cafes, street names, billboards, films, product. Encourage these actions. Then the child will understand how much important skill of reading for life.

Modern gadgets

Many believe that tablets and computers are the direct competitors and opponents of the books. In fact, you can teach the child to use the programs to read or to give to a baby a simple e-book.

A personal example

No motivators, incentives and rewards will have little effect on the baby if he won’t see a personal example. Often take the book in your hands, will love reading themselves. Then your kid will be an avid reader.

Use the films in their order

It is known that many modern film adaptation based on famous works. Often the writers change the source, remove the details of a particular episode. If a child like adaptation, tell him that there is such a book. Perhaps the child will want to know the original story.


Do not force your child to read what he doesn’t like. Let him realize that books are fun and reward. Otherwise, the kid would take the book boring chore, and at worst, perceived as a punishment.

Recommendations to parents:

from early childhood can instill in your child a love of reading;

— give your child books with bright continuous and exciting content;

— often read the child, to accustom him to take the book and to encourage reading;

— let the child every day, reads aloud at least 10-15 minutes;

— praise your child for showing interest in reading;

— ask the child about what you read, you can have a family discussion;

— when you read child, stop at the most interesting place;

— ask the child, like the child book, what the characters are interested in what pushed;

— ask the child to tell about the interesting characters;

— intentionally distort the story, let the child correct you. So you will understand, does little for the plot, remembers whether heard;

— let the child talk about the interesting event from the book, highlight the expressions which he remembered, say, teach this book;

— If the child can not Express their thoughts verbally, let them draw a picture of the plot.

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