Why you should not read blogs about healthy living

In recent years the topic of healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular, so new blogs in this segment appear every day. It would seem, is a storehouse of useful and free information. However, there are several reasons why it should not get involved in healthy lifestyle blogs.

The content of the article

  • A false sense of awareness
  • Loss of contact with reality
  • Unreasonable financial expenditure
  • In the subject, but not in the case
  • Simple seems complicated
  • Incorrect knowledge

Почему не надо читать блоги о здоровом образе жизни

A false sense of awareness

You are subscribed to dozens HLS pages in Instagram, VK, and even the old memory does the reading of «Oldies» from LiveJournal. You read on the proper diet and training so much that already consider themselves expert because they can support any conversation on this topic and enter into open confrontation with the trainer at the gym. Really feel your awareness in these matters is false. Yes, you can «pick up» the right thoughts and to get a General idea about a healthy way of life, but deeply understand the subject only on the basis of blogs impossible. To become a professional, you need a fundamental education and a lot of practice.

Loss of contact with reality

How is a good blog? Objectives, selected content, the photos are carefully processed. To a real-life blog content is often irrelevant. However, the reader may experience a range of feelings — admiration, envy and desire to emulate. For example, a favorite blogger is adept of the raw food diet, practicing multi-day fasting and looks like an athlete before competition in the category «fitness bikini». A keen reader may decide that this lifestyle is the norm, not even knowing that the dry muscles and fruit plates blogger can hide your other life. As a result, at least, can undermine your health, if you blindly follow the picture from the blog.

Unreasonable financial expenditure

Despite the potential benefits of content almost every blog have one main purpose — money. Today it is one of the most successful ways to sell the reader anything — from clothing to training and sports nutrition to fitness tour or marathon to lose weight. If you read a particular blog regularly, a new expenses you already seem to be a priority and even vital. And here you are quietly spending considerable sums on all sorts of stylish bottles, lunch bags, training bands and beautiful yoga mats. Most importantly, the availability of all these goods does not change neither your health nor your figure.

However, even if the blogger does not sell anything directly, it is possible that you just want to get something interesting that I saw in the posts.

In the subject, but not in the case

When you read a lot about fitness and nutrition, you may receive a feeling that all this is already in your life. You are interested in looking at beautiful vegan desserts, like the photo pumped-up bodies delve in a video with explanations of exercises. It takes a lot of time and emotional involvement. And here you already think that you are also a part of this life. However, constant reading of blogs often substitute for regular trips to the gym, but looking at a diet meals does not mean a healthy diet on your table.

Simple seems complicated

If you long to read and a lot popular healthy lifestyle blogs, you may feel that this issue is very complex. Technique squats should be reconciled to the millimeter, to practice necessarily need any special equipment for preparation of dietary dishes is complicated and confusing ingredients, and such beliefs are formed tens. People can forget that health is often only need two things — a moderate balanced diet and physical activity rational. Perfect shape and good health can be achieved without «valuable information» about periodization training and fat-burning drugs.

Incorrect knowledge

And whether it is possible to trust bloggers who write about a healthy lifestyle? Yes, on the one hand, the information is presented in a very accessible key, and you don’t need to delve into the complex medical literature. On the other hand, many perceive blogs as the ultimate truth, because the author’s personality gradually begins to cause a great deal of trust. Meanwhile, the blogger may not just fail but carry malicious information. On the Internet there are whole groups of victims from the so-called «fitness guru», who suffered serious health problems for the individual supply systems and training developed by pseudo-professionals.

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