What to do if child is allergic to the sun?

With the summer sun is always associated with something pleasant and joyful. Even the parents, referring to a favorite children often use the word «sun», highlighting how great they are. But, unfortunately, not all the rays of the sun be so kind and gentle. A sun Allergy is a rare disease that is diagnosed only in 2% of people in the world, it can confound the one who first encountered him. What to do if your little sweetie is allergic to big sun?

The content of the article

  • What is photodermatitis
  • How does a solar dermatitis
  • Rescue: ointments and sorbents
  • And what to do with the sun?

Что делать, если у ребенка аллергия на солнце?

Scientific allergic to UV exposure is called photodermatitis. It is this disease allowed the storytellers in visionary writing of stories and legends about vampires and other evil spirits, lost in the daylight. But tales tales, and the child is diagnosed with an Allergy to the sun is experiencing severe suffering. But there are ways to befriend the little one with the warm sunlight.

What is photodermatitis

Most often allergies exposed to small children and people with very fair skin. In some cases the disease is inherited. But it happens that the person who previously loved to sunbathe and has never suffered from skin diseases, suddenly develops a reaction to the sun. Actually it is a pseudoallergy. And to fight in this case we have not only with external manifestations of photodermatitis, as with the internal «enemies» — toxins.

From a medical point of view, the rays of the sun as such to trigger allergies can’t. But when they attack the body, coupled with other negative factors such as fatigue, avitaminosis, cold or SARS, other allergies (e.g., insects or fruits) or sunburn, long exposure to the sun triggers skin hypersensitivity and the rapid development of photodermatitis. Prolonged contact with bright light activates protective functions of the immune system, which consumes itself to the production of useful pigment melanin. Simply put, the whole body is included in the smoothing effects of sun exposure.

How does a solar dermatitis

Most often, skin disorders makes itself felt pronounced skin irritation: constant burning, peeling, dryness, itching, ulcers and edema. These manifestations occur in various parts of the body: the skin of the cheeks, chin, forehead and limbs. Temperature can increase, begin bronchospasm, occur swelling of the nose. If the child after a Sunny day I started scratching and complaining of a burning sensation — do not wait for more serious symptoms, it is time to take immediate action!

Rescue: ointments and sorbents

To remove already manifested symptoms of sun Allergy, in addition to treatment by means of external applications (mostly hormonal ointments, and gels), you need to bind and excrete allergens and the resulting toxins. Why? Antihistamines only relieve symptoms of photodermatitis, i.e. outside symptoms passes and parents rest. But the provokers of an Allergy to the sun stay in the body – the toxins continue their pleasant existence, causing toxicity in the form of aches, pain, dizziness, lethargy. By the way, these symptoms resemble a cold. And what is the cause, untreated, to guess the parents of the child would be extremely difficult.

One of the important stages in the normalization of natural immune protection is the complete removal of the «evil» of toxins from the child’s body. That’s why sun Allergy can be treated holistically:

  • to avoid contact with the sun
  • apply antihistamines on prescription
  • to eliminate the cause of allergies by using sorbent POLYSORB

Что делать, если у ребенка аллергия на солнце?

At the time, until the external symptoms are removed by external means, a faithful assistant POLYSORB carefully and safely for the child’s body fights the cause of allergies. POLYSORB, unlike other sorbents, collects the most amount of toxins, absorbs them into itself, and rapidly excretes in a natural way. Child after the first dose is feeling better, returns to him the cheerfulness and activity.

Hectic parents do not have to worry about the drugs, and for the safety of the drug. First, your little girl, who never will drink bitter medicine, you will not even notice that he drank tasteless and unpainted POLYSORB added to the compote, juice, or even in mother’s milk. And, secondly, the drug is so safe that allowed for the reception of pregnant women and newborns. Please note that the dosage depends on the weight of the patient, so don’t be lazy look at the manual.

And what to do with the sun?

Make friends with him! Going for a walk or to the beach, pre-coat all exposed areas delicate baby skin sunscreen with the SPF index of 50+ and above. Clothing for kids choose bright colors because the dark color absorbs ultraviolet light, and white reflects. The fabric of the clothing should be of natural fibers,because natural materials is a natural “climate control” of the child’s body. The important point of “friendship with the sun” — under the hot rays of the child is better to be clothed than naked. Otherwise the sun will quickly dry the surface of the skin, and in addition to the burns you can get heat stroke. And, of course, don’t forget about the mandatory presence of a headdress.

By following these rules, mom, dad and baby sun can not be afraid!

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