Jewelry: how to pick the face and hair

Today luxurious look is extremely simple and quite inexpensive. Attractive brooches, earrings, bracelets and other jewelry at reasonable prices can transform any woman to emphasize her beauty and natural charm. Today you will learn how to choose products to create the perfect female image.

Бижутерия: как подобрать к лицу и волосам

Recommendations on the choice of

  • Brown skinned women with dark hair look great with the earrings of peach, green and blue colors. If you are a young lady with brown hair, try the Gypsy way, choosing large decorations made of copper or silver, as well as a massive bright bracelets.
  • Brown is more suitable jewelry pink and yellow hues. Also brown-haired women look great with earrings and neck ornaments in black colour, which emphasize the severity of the image, but not make it too formal.
  • If you have peach skin and blond hair, pay attention to flashy jewelry. Clips, bracelets, lemon, purple, emerald colors — a great option for women with this type of appearance.
  • Ladies with pale skin and blond hair should be looking at jewelry delicate shades. Pink, blue, lilac earrings and bracelets will look gorgeous on light skin.
  • It is worth noting the jewelry, like chokers on the neck. These necklaces look highly impressive, underlining the fragility and delicacy of the female character. Choose them so: the thinner the neck is, the wider is the option to wear.
  • A variety of products from low-cost materials is amazing. Choose anything to your liking. A large selection of personal jewelry allows you to create amazing and striking images, pleasing the world with beauty and charm.

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