Microdermal: what it is and what you need to know about this type of jewelry

Microdermal — jewelry, part of which is implanted under the skin. Installed on any part of the body, but most often found on the face, arm or collarbone. The procedure of wound healing takes up to 6 months, then it is possible to change the upper part.

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  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • The types and material of manufacture
  • Installation on different parts of the body
  • Care after installation
  • Some of the subtleties

Микродермалы: что это такое и что нужно знать о данном виде украшений

One of the youngest areas bodimodifikatsii are microdermal. It is jewelry that is partially implanted beneath the skin. Their fundamental difference from the implants is that part of the element is visible on the surface of the dermis.

Decorations are placed on all body parts. Most often it is the face, wrist, chest and abdomen. They consist of two parts. The bottom has a pin on which is screwed the upper decorative piece. The visible part can anyone, for example, the unusual colors, shapes. Sometimes it is complemented with rhinestones. After healing the decoration itself can be replaced at home.

Advantages and disadvantages

Classic body piercing is not made in places where the skin is stretched during the movements. This can lead to tearing. The bulk items you accidentally pull out when changing clothes, microdermal in this sense, more secure.

During the puncture there is only slight damage to the dermis, so it recovers very quickly. If desired, a decorative element can always be removed – the trace of the holes will be almost invisible.

Have technique and its contraindications. Due to the shift of the center of gravity of the elements are not implanted too close to each other, setting them in places where the skin is most thin, or in close proximity to bone tissue.

If you install with the violations or when the negative individual reactions may cause complications. These include inflammation, rejection elements. There is a risk of bias microdermal. This happens when people dramatically lost weight.

The types and material of manufacture

Microdermal biopiling are made from special materials, for example:

  • titanium;
  • acrylic;
  • surgical steel.

Titan is considered to be the optimal solution since it is characterized by durability, stability, lightness, inertness to blood. This material does not cause allergic reactions.

In the classic form of jewelry represents the drive, but in the market you can find beads, cones, studs, and spikes. Feature dimensions also differ. Leg height can be 1.2 mm, and the value of the decorative part starts from 3 mm.

Installation on different parts of the body

First, the skin and tools disinfected. With the help of a punch (a small, circular scalpel) is made a small incision. In the sprout layer is done with incisions that correspond to plate-anchor. Height web design while taking into account the thickness of the layer of the skin. We can only cheat a decorative item and hide it under the plaster to heal. This is done in order to prevent the ingress of dirt into the wound.

When choosing the best area experts recommend to look at the areas where the skin is to a lesser extent in contact with other parts of the body. It can be:

  • Neck. Microdermal are set below the occipital region. Fashionable are two paths placed on the sides of the neck or below the hairline contour. The disadvantage is the complexity of care.
  • Collarbone. When you stay in this area you can create the illusion of suspension. The place is easy to handle, in further contact with the clothes of this place is minimal.
  • Face. The most popular part for flat piercing. Impressive looking decorations on the cheeks, forehead, and cheeks. However, the skin on the face is very thin, so even a minor injury or the dirt can lead to inflammatory reactions.
  • Hand. The optimal solution is outside. Because hands interact with other materials is not recommended for them to use too massive or convex microdermal.
  • Finger. The decoration requires constant attention, care and accuracy. Can replace the ring.
  • The stomach. Platinum is set no deeper than 5 mm. the Installation of flat piercing in this area requires professionalism, because the fatty layer to conduct the necessary manipulations can be difficult.

You can find decoration with small strazikami on the cheeks, near the solar plexus or chest.

Care after installation

After the implantation process in microderma there is a small wound. It has a metal plate with special holes. It’s starting to get overgrown scar tissue, which pass through these holes. Tissue growth occurs for approximately 10 days. After this period, redness, pain and other discomfort should disappear.

In the second phase, the skin begins to change its structure. It takes up to 6 months. You must continue very carefully for decoration. If this is not done, the result of mechanical damage to new tissue will be injured every time that will lead to the emergence of a new phase of the formation of scar tissue. The greater the trauma, the greater the scar.

To prevent the occurrence of complications is possible if you follow the rules:

  • in the first few months to use a cheat disc;
  • immediately after implantation, use the patch, including at night;
  • do not twist and do not remove the decoration;
  • not to change the decorative portion of the first 6 months.

Experts recommend to carefully refers to the selection of an external part of the decoration. Best of all, she was made of gold. The material is rarely the reason for allergic reactions, antiseptic properties.

Some of the subtleties

In Moscow as in other cities, set microdermal possible in specialized salons or studios piercing. The cost of the work may start from 1,500 rubles the Upper limit may be any, as the price often includes the cost of the jewelry. Order microdermal to change on Aliexpress.

In conclusion: do not try to set the decoration by yourself by watching the video. The probability of violation of the technology or the appearance of a prominent scar in the future. It is better to entrust the work of masters who have received special training.

Form anchors for microdermals constantly being improved, so modern models have fairly large openings and minimal metal around the edges. This is done in order to a new fabric without problems could increase in the healing process.

Masters are reminded that even after healing under the cap can accumulate dirt and sebum. They should be removed with a toothpick after the bath saline. If you do yourself do not work, you can consult a specialist.


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