Basic maternity wardrobe

Pregnancy lasts a relatively short period of time, but requires a fairly large financial costs. Therefore, it is important to gather the most practical basic set of clothing that will allow the expectant mother to look great both during pregnancy and later during lactation

Базовый гардероб для беременных

  • Underwear

    Underwear is one of the most important elements in pregnancy. As forms change rapidly it is better to buy special underwear for feeding, not just a bra a couple of sizes larger than usual. The main thing you should pay attention to: 1) Straps must be wide enough not to cut into the skin, 2) the Bodice should have a special clasp, so you can feed the baby without removing it, 3) Elastic band under the chest should be broad and sufficiently tight to support the growing chest. Only two bras in black, Nude or white, depending on the predominant color of the clothing. Trunks for pregnant women are different from usual rubber band, it is more elastic and should not put pressure on the lower abdomen.

  • T-shirt

    It is best if you buy two t-shirts, such as black and white. Many of the manufacturers of clothing they sold as a set. T-shirt for pregnant women longer than normal and have slight ruching on the sides, this allows the garment to fit you perfectly not only growth, but also during the recovery period after childbirth.

  • Jeans or pants for pregnant women

    These pants/jeans usually have wide fabric belt with a wide elastic band that comfortably hugs and supports the abdomen. Material of trousers/jeans elastic enough, that is a big plus, since the legs and hips can change your volume for the period of pregnancy.

  • Dress or sundress

    Dress better to buy loose cut, this will allow you to carry it in the last months of pregnancy. If pregnancy occurs during autumn or winter, a good option is a dress, under which you can wear a blouse or t-shirt. This will increase the number of variations of collected sets.

  • Cardigan or loose jacket

    Suitable cardigan or blazer of neutral colour for example beige or black, without buttons or with one button. These conditions will allow you to carry it for a long time and create different combinations with jeans/trousers and with a dress or sundress.

  • Shoes

    There are many options of shoes that will perfectly match with dress and with jeans. This loafers, and mules, and sneakers. The most important conditions – shoes should be lightweight and comfortable.

  • Accessories

    Accessories is likely to remain the same. The only thing that will be an important purchase this backpack to fit a folder with documents, analyses and opinions from doctors. Later, this backpack will come in handy when walking with a child and will be much healthier for your back than a shoulder bag on one shoulder.

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