Is it possible to crack your fingers

Many people like to stretch your joints, hrustnuv them, but often audible warning doctors about the dangers of such a workout. Whether or not this leads to arthritis or just scare us?

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  • Why crackle joints?
  • Is it possible to crack your joints?

Можно ли хрустеть пальцами на руках

Many people like clicking your knuckles or crack your neck. Someone gets pleasure from the sound, but some people like the feeling of freedom and mobility that occur after this procedure.

In this case, such a simple manipulation with your joints haunted by the myth that it is harmful for health. Some doctors even claim that so you can earn the arthritis. Let’s see whether it’s true or another household myth?

Why crackle joints?

Still no medical research has not given a clear explanation of why crackle joints. This question was studied by doctors, however to the conclusion they did not come.

There are two most plausible hypotheses about why crunch our hands and feet.

The first hypothesis

Some academics suggest that when you tug or twist the finger or, for example, the neck, the articular capsule is stretched. Its volume increases and the pressure drops in joint fluid bubbles of gas.

They burst and emit a distinctive sound. After 10-15 minutes the gas is dissolved, and can be re-crunch the knuckles.

The second hypothesis

Some doctors believe that the sound is caused by rapid tensioning tendons. The joint capsule is stretched and the joint starts to move more freely.

Is it possible to crack your joints?

To date there is no convincing evidence that the crunch of knuckles harm the joints. Moreover, investigations of the effects of such manipulation on the joints of children, adolescents and adults. No dependence on age was found.

Some doctors cite examples of people who were involved in flexing the joints in this way and received arthritis or other disease. However, often these issues occur due to heredity or other reasons than with a crunch.

The crunch won’t hurt your joints, if they are healthy. Of course, if you have problems with joints, crunching is not recommended, as you can make yourself worse.

If any joint problems you have, I can stretch my fingers, neck and other parts of the body, without fear of consequences. Except those similar sounds may irritate you to stop.

It should still be careful. Sloppy effects on the spine can sometimes lead to the emergence of intervertebral hernia. Do not make sudden movements, if you want to crunch the neck or lower back. In General, the spine should be treated very carefully.

If you are in doubt about the health of the joints, go see a specialist. He will undergo tests and will tell you about the condition of your joints, then you will know whether to fear or to crack your joints without fear of consequences.

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