Dental treatment during pregnancy

Лечение зубов во время беременности

Pregnant women are a special group of patients in dentistry. The status of women in this period is not a contraindication for dental treatment, but this was in order:

  • First, inform your dentist about your pregnancy, tell time and describe their condition. You should not treat or remove teeth, if you feel unwell or worried.
  • Any foci of infection in the oral cavity (caries, damaged teeth) can be a source of infection of the fetus, for this reason during pregnancy is not only possible, but necessary to treat teeth.
  • The best period for dental treatment is the second trimester (13-24 weeks). By this time already formed a reliable protective barrier for the fetus.
  • In case of acute tooth pain or acute inflammatory process, dental intervention should be performed immediately, regardless of gestational age, whereas routine treatment is recommended to postpone the second trimester.
  • Procedure teeth whitening and implants are contraindicated during pregnancy.
  • Allowed the use of anesthesia, the doctor uses a separate anesthesia with reduced levels of adrenaline or anesthesia without adrenaline depending on your condition during the reception.
  • X-ray diagnosis needs to be performed with computer radiovisiograph, whose penetrating power is 90% lower than standard x-ray apparatus that allows the quality of diagnosis without harm to the pregnant woman.

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