The dependence of vasoconstrictor drops: symptoms, causes

Зависимость от сосудосуживающих капель: симптомы, причины

Quite a common problem lately is addictive vasoconstrictor drops.

It starts simple: there is a runny nose which makes breathing difficult and interferes with restful sleep. In this situation, most people buy at your local pharmacy drops or spray to eliminate nasal congestion. A person thinks that drugs are effective in just ten minutes of breathing through the nose becomes a. And after the termination of drug action is sufficient to drip again, and again life is getting better. So begins the addiction.

Gradually with long-term use of these funds a person can occur drug-induced rhinitis, which is also called «drug fever».

The main signs of drug rhinitis are:

  • Shortness of nasal breathing.
  • The need for continuous use of vasoconstrictor drops with a gradual increase in their dose.
  • Decreased sense of smell.
  • Mucous discharge from the nose.
  • Burning, dryness in the nasal cavity
  • The deterioration in the quality of sleep, which is sometimes complicated by the development of snoring.

Addiction to vasoconstrictor drops occurs due to the inability of the vessels themselves to maintain their tone.

The use of drugs over long periods of time causes atrophy of the nasal mucosa and enlargement of the nasal blood vessels.

Gradually develops dystonia of blood vessels that causes a persistent decrease of tonus and tolerance to vasoconstrictive drops.

How can I prevent rhinitis drug?

  • Do not use vasoconstrictor drops unless absolutely necessary. If you are being treated at home, it is best to deal with the disease using nasal lavage with sterile isotonic salt solution or drugs based on natural salts.
  • Carefully study the user manual before using the product and do not exceed the established dose and frequency of application of drops.
  • If the background of the use of drugs runny nose continues for more than 3-4 days, discontinue their use and to address to the otolaryngologist.
  • If you have allergic rhinitis, then give preference to antihistamine drugs.
  • Do not use other people’s drops and do not let your conducive to the transmission of the infection.

The dependence of vasoconstrictor drops can be successfully treated, if the time to see a specialist.

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