What are vitamins and how they act

SUPPLEMENTS (dietary supplements) for weight loss can be found on sale in any drugstore, as well as in specialized stores. This means that, according to the manufacturer, helps you to lose weight without strict diets and exercise. But is it really?

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  • Dietary SUPPLEMENTS-parapharmaceuticals
  • 1. Cleansing BAD
  • 2. Swelling BAD
  • 3. BAD regulating hunger
  • 4. Fat burners
  • Dietary SUPPLEMENTS-nutraceuticals
  • In which case, BAD will be effective?
  • What to consider when buying BUD?

Что такое БАД для похудения и как они действуют

All Supplements are divided into 2 main groups: nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals. The second, in turn, also can be divided into several subgroups.

Dietary SUPPLEMENTS-parapharmaceuticals

1. Cleansing BAD

This group includes funds that have choleretic, diuretic or laxative effect (for example, a variety of teas for weight loss). Their main function is to excrete the excess fluid and toxins to help the body rid itself of toxins. Such additives cannot be used for a long time, as they have come with the toxins to wash and good for the body elements, and some even addictive — such as laxatives irritant (the presence of buckthorn bark in the tea for weight loss should alert you).

2. Swelling BAD

This Supplement, which need to be taken before meals and drink water they tend to swell in the stomach and thus restrain the appetite. To such dietary SUPPLEMENTS include, for example, bran. These funds will be effective if you apply them from time to time and in moderation. Some swelling can BAD as well as cleansing, can be addictive.

Что такое БАД для похудения и как они действуют

3. BAD regulating hunger

These supplements contain a special substance, blunting hunger and creating a feeling of fullness from less food. Because these drugs have an effect in some areas of the brain, it can cause adverse reactions, for example, in the form of insomnia. Prices for such BAD usually high, but the effect is usually long lasting.

4. Fat burners

Drugs affecting the body to digest fats or stimulating the consumption of already existing fat reserves. Usually effective only in combination with physical activity.

Dietary SUPPLEMENTS-nutraceuticals

It substitutes low-calorie diet, enriched with vitamins and minerals. Also in their composition usually consists of cellulose. Produced BAD data in the form of powders that must be diluted with water — the result is a drink or soup, it is often not addition to the usual meal, and replace it.

Что такое БАД для похудения и как они действуют

In which case, BAD will be effective?

Even the most expensive and effective BAD — it’s just aid in the fight against obesity. Guaranteed to lose weight, while taking supplements have to abide by the following rules:

  • To reduce the daily caloric intake.
  • Eat small portions 5 times a day.
  • Reduce consumption of simple carbohydrates and animal fats.
  • To implement reasonable and feasible physical activity.

What to consider when buying BUD?

Even if you buy SUPPLEMENTS in proven online pharmacies, be sure to pay attention to the following:

  • A detailed indication of the composition
  • Instructions for use (purpose, dose, dosage regimen, contraindications)
  • The indication of the country of origin, firm and its address
  • The presence of a barcode on the packaging
  • The presence of manufacturing date and expiration date
  • The presence of signs that the drug passed clinical trials


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