Popular mistakes of parents

Despite the abundance of various methods on parenting, parents can make mistakes. Try to avoid them, to you and your child be happier and your relationship stronger.

Популярные ошибки родителей


1. To require the child’s full and unconditional obedience. Thus you oppress his personality and do not teach critical thinking. Think about who you want to grow, a person or robot, strong man or an obedient soldier. Their decisions explain to the child, reinforce the requirement to obey agreements and rules.

2. To prohibit too much. If the child can’t have something, explain why, what the consequences might be. A better show, as you can do, and not as prohibited. For example, to paint on the wall is impossible, but possible in the album. If the kids really want to draw on a vertical surface, you can hang on the wall a roll of paper or old Wallpaper, and paint on them. Try to prohibit only truly dangerous actions, such as playing with sharp objects and step up to the plate. When too many prohibitions, the child ceases to perceive them.

3. Not to teach, but to demand. For example, on the age of your child it’s time to dress themselves. You give him things and say that he wore them, citing the fact that I’ve worn it many times, and he had to memorize the algorithm. And we should act like this: first, dress the baby, explaining what you are doing, then do it together, helping your child, then he dresses himself, and you follow and if necessary prompt. Only when you’re convinced that the skill imparted, leave the kid alone with the task.

4. To be fickle. It is clear that changing circumstances and the mood, people are not machines and are different on different days. But in relation to principles of child rearing should be consistency. If anything today is impossible, tomorrow possible, or when a mother forbids, and the father allows, it could destabilize the child and to deprive him of a sense of reliability and security. This feeling comes from the constancy of the parents.

5. To develop talents and skills, not the character. It is on the personal qualities you need to focus, and knowledge can be learned at any age. In addition, patient, persistent and confident child will make it easier to understand any subject and to be creative.

6. Only care about the feelings of the child. It is necessary not only to protect his soul, but also to monitor the correctness of his behavior. If on the walk, the child selects a toy from the other, and the mother allows it, the baby did not cry, this is wrong. When the behavior becomes so, it needs to be corrected, and not to think about feelings. Imagine what a baby will grow if you continue in the same spirit. It will be assumed that all it should be.

7. To blame for the mess. First check that not too many children have toys. Maybe because of their dominance of the baby can not maintain order. Make sure that every item in the nursery has its place, that kid knows about it, and that all the toys are easy to return to it. Note yourself: if you put all the things into place, do the procedure or be removed from case to case.

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