Recommendation women with type figure «hourglass» on the selection of clothing, nutrition and physical activity

Type of shape «hourglass» (type X) is characterized by pronounced Breasts and hips, which have approximately the same width and fairly narrow waist. And for owners of such figures has its own rules on the selection of clothing, nutrition and physical activity.

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  • Rules for matching wardrobe
  • Advice on nutrition
  • Exercise

Рекомендации женщинам с типом фигуры «песочные часы» по подбору гардероба, питанию и физической нагрузке

In the 90-ies of the XIX century, this type of shape is considered ideal, and today many men prefer such women. Usually they differ curvaceous, and if I gain weight, the figure remains the same, because subcutaneous fat is distributed evenly between the areas of the hips, buttocks and chest, and the waist remains quite thin. But even the overly thin owners of this type figures (which come across) hips remain pronounced.

Rules for matching wardrobe

To enhance the beauty of women with this type of figures, stylists are advised to choose fitting clothes and not hide your shape under a free or even very baggy clothes. Therefore, from the point of view of fashion the owners of this type of figure are suitable for any outfits that accentuate the shape of your bust, hips and delicate waist.

If a woman has a slight fullness, it will suit most skin-tight outfits, cleavage, different blouses with necklines, pantsuits, suits with skirts, most skirts and any clothing with corsets and belts. Usually women with type figure «hourglass» have firmer Breasts, but because for them will fit perfect strapless or with thin straps.

Women having problems with excess weight, can wear clothes, elongating their shape: trousers, tunics, coats. When choosing fabric is to make a choice in favor of stretchable and elastic. For the summer season suit swimwear type bikinis or swimwear «2 in 1» that accentuate the waist. It is highly recommended not to wear clothes with boat neckline, baggy clothing type, tight straight pants, clothing with shoulder pads that add volume to the already wide-type figure to the shoulders.

Advice on nutrition

Women with the figure of «hourglass» rarely have visible problems with the lack of weight. On the contrary, in most cases they can easily gain a few extra pounds, because they have a low metabolic rate. Therefore, attempts to lose weight for women is usually futile. It is better to try to control the diet, which should include proteins (fish, eggs, dairy), different types of cereals (buckwheat, rice and oat) and fresh or good quality store-bought juices. It is very important to eat on schedule several times a day, avoiding snacking without. In addition, the diet is to remove all sweets, nuts, flour products and foods containing a large amount of calories. It should be noted that if your diet is wrong, despite the specific distribution of fat on the figure of the body, in the hips can appear very unsightly «ears».


To make your figure perfect women with this figure type need not keep starving yourself and adhere to any diet. This will help some types of physical exercise. One of the main criteria in the choice of exercises is load balancing – it should be distributed equally to the upper and lower parts of the body. Effective exercises are considered aerobics classes on the treadmill, stationary bike, dancing and swimming (in particular, diving into the water and jumping), skiing and most sports.

Women with the figure of «hourglass» has a very significant advantage in terms of health – they have a very low chance of occurrence and development of diseases associated with the heart and blood vessels. So in this regard they don’t really need physical exercise. However, to maintain vitality, it is useful to practice yoga, which retains the posture, the elegance of the shapes allows a woman to maintain a healthy spirit, vitality and inner calm, and to remain for years to come healthy and attractive.

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