Electrified hair: how to get rid of the problem

The problem with static-y hair is particularly relevant in the cold season. Hats, especially made of synthetic fabrics, dry and frosty air, the negative impact of snow on the hair, excessive use of hair dryer or Ironing in order to quickly dry and style your hair, hypothermia of head – this is the reasons why the electrified hair. However, this problem can be eliminated or at least minimize it.

Электризуются волосы: как избавиться от проблемы

Too dry and electrified hair in the winter bring a lot of inconvenience. They become unruly, brittle, often looks disheveled and unkempt. If faced with this problem, we first need to revise their usual care for curls. What should I do?

First, get rid of the plastic combs. In winter it is better to use wooden combs. It is not recommended to comb your locks on the street, especially if the weather is very frosty.

Secondly, to pick up new shampoos, conditioners, balms for hair. Now there is even a special line of caregivers that is intended for use in the cold season. It is necessary to abandon remedies for oily hair, choose cosmetics that will further nourish and moisturize the curls. It is also recommended to use special protective sprays that may also have an antistatic function.

Thirdly, it is necessary to shorten the time of using hair dryer, Curling irons, Ironing. Similar devices even more dry up hair and contribute to the fact that they start very strongly electrified. If we have dry hair, you should use only the cold air in the hair dryer. Before the use of other instruments must be applied to the hair foams and mousses for styling, spray termoresta for protection.

Fourth, after the usual shampooing is necessary to rinse hair with cool water.

What else can you do to get rid of the problem

  • Not worth it in bad weather to go outside without a hood or cap. Contact with rain or snow will adversely affect the health of the hair.
  • It is necessary to choose the right headgear. They should not be too tight, you should not allow a situation where a head in a hat will sweat. To give preference to have hats made from natural materials that do not provoke increased electrification of the hair.
  • Oddly enough, but ordinary mineral water is able to help in the fight with the electrified hair. It can be poured in a spray bottle, so after spray the whole length of the hair, or rinse it curls after shampooing.
  • Well fighting with static electricity, essential oils of rose, rosemary and lavender. They should be diluted in water, and after such a mixture to treat dry hair.
  • It would be useful to bring home a humidifier and a special device – ionizer. Such devices have a positive impact on the microclimate in the apartment, saturate the indoor air with negative ions and moisture.
  • You should not wash your tresses every day. It is not recommended to use very hot water, which dry the hair.
  • It is useful to make a special nourishing and moisturizing hair mask in the winter time, such a procedure is particularly useful. You can use ready-made mixes sold in stores, or make a homemade mask, for example, based on honey and eggs.
  • You should refrain from frequent hair coloring in winter. This also applies to the use of chemical paints, and the use of natural resources. Such manipulations have a stressful effect on the hair, dry them and injure. It can become eventually the reason why hair staticky.
  • Do not forget about proper nutrition. After all, for the beauty of hair, for their growth requires certain vitamins and useful minerals that can be obtained both from foods and from dietary supplements or vitamin complexes. In the winter it is recommended to Supplement their diet with seafood, legumes, fruits, and fresh vegetables.
  • To get rid of problems with hair can start to use special means, which includes a wax. The selected tool should be applied to the palm of your hand, and after smoothing the curls with your hands.
  • One of the reasons why staticky hair is lack of moisture in the body. Because you should drink plenty of fluids, especially plain drinking water. In addition, for such will say «thank you» and the skin, which in winter is also very susceptible to drying out from lack of moisture.
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