How to choose the outfit for your bridesmaids: practical tips

Preparing for a wedding is always an exciting time for the bride, because you need to include absolutely everything, including to consider the outfits for the bridesmaids.

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Как выбрать наряд для подружки невесты: практические советы

The tradition of dressing bridesmaids in the same dress came from the USA and European countries, but actually it originated in ancient Rome. The groomsmen and bridesmaids dressed like the bride and groom to confuse hostile spirits. Now this custom its original meaning, of course, lost — now it is rather a tribute to fashion.

If you are a bride

1. Don’t choose bridesmaid outfits too light colors, it is better to prefer something more bright. Then the photo of the bridesmaids ‘ dresses will be white for the wedding dress particularly advantageous background.

2. Don’t put on exactly the same bridesmaids dresses. If they are the same color, there must be a different style and Vice versa — outfits, one style needs to be different colors. The bridesmaids ‘ dresses will certainly match the wedding dress and the overall concept of the celebration.

3. Shortly before the wedding invite friends to arrange a dress rehearsal for the dresses. But you should do it delicately so as not to offend, because someone of the bridesmaids can decide that you don’t trust their taste.

4. Choosing dresses for bridesmaids, don’t forget about shoes, handbags, accessories, and hair and makeup. All this, of course, you should consider and discuss in advance.

Как выбрать наряд для подружки невесты: практические советы

If you are a bridesmaid

1. How could you not like to wear the most luxurious of their outfits, its better to save it for another occasion. It is not necessary to wear a wedding dress that you can outshine the bride — it’s bad.

2. You should not choose a dress of white, because white is the color of the bride. In extreme cases it is better to discuss this moment with the bride.

3. The perfect choice for wedding are the outfits of light colors; with dark, especially black dresses, it is better to be careful. Although again, everything can be negotiated with the bride.

4. Do not wear too daring outfit with a plunging neckline or short skirt. Another mistake — dress crinoline, if it is not agreed in advance.

5. If you are invited to a wedding where the bride chooses the dress for bridesmaids, you in a sense lucky and not have to wrestle with the outfit. Another thing is that the outfit would absolutely not like it. What to do in this case is up to you.

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