How to attach veil

There are several ways to attach a veil to a wedding hairstyle. The most popular is the mount on the studs, however, there is some inconvenience — then the veil can be difficult to remove. Also the veil can be fixed with a special comb or pins, in addition, it is also additional decoration for the hair. If the veil is light and short, it can be attached to the Velcro, however, is not the most secure attachment.

Как правильно прикрепить фату


1. Veil and beam
The hair collected in a high or low beam is a classic wedding hairstyle. The veil in this case, it can be mounted under the beam and top with a comb or Bobby pins.

2. The veil and loose hair
On flowing hair veil looks pretty cool, especially if it’s Mantilla. It is mounted in this case on invisible or special studs.

3. Veils and netting
If the hairstyle consists of complex weaves, a veil should be attached so that it concealed as much as possible.

4. Veil and wreath
Most often, a veil attached to the crown so that at any moment it was possible to remove the decoration from the head. The veil in this case should be straight and long enough.

5. Veil and brooch
To combine the veil with other large and flashy accessories should be very carefully, the veil in this case should not cover his head.

6. Veil and tiara
To use both a veil and a tiara better with care not to overload the image. Positioning the tiara should be in the middle of the hair or at the base if the hair is high. The veil in any case, you need to fix the bottom, while it should not be excessively curvy.

Как правильно прикрепить фату Note Remember, it’s not important how you attach the veil, but also how it fits in with the rest of the way, how it complements and is in harmony with the wedding dress.

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