How to teach a child early to tell: tips for parents

Many parents want the child as soon as possible began to speak. One should not miss the early favorable period and help the kid in this. It is mainly dependent on the parents when and how baby will talk. Consider the recommendations that adults should perform to the learning process was successful.

Как научить ребенка рано говорить: полезные советы родителям

To speak, the child needs to have a sufficient number of words in the passive vocabulary. What does it mean? From birth, talk with a small bundle of long and expressive. He needs to hear your voice and speech. Show your baby different objects or bright pictures and clearly pronounce their name several times. After some time, the baby will be able to reproduce similar sounds, then syllables, and then words.

When the child learns to reproduce the sounds for you, it’s a small victory. You can then move to their combination, that is, the creation of syllables. Let it first will be the simplest words, like «mA-mA», «PA-PA». The words must meet the needs of the child. Gradually the child will begin to understand how important speech when interacting with others. Many adults make the mistake of starting «Lisp» and mispronounced the word, calling the machine, for example, «BBC», and the dog – «woof.» Keep in mind that the child will remember these words and will them so to speak. So you have the names of all the subjects to pronounce correctly.

The next step will be the training of the child to Express their desires, requests and actions: «want», «drink», «give» and so on. Perhaps the first words be few «sloppy», but most importantly, you get the idea. The more a child can talk, the better. And do not ask to speak in sentences, start with a simple. Remember that you first need to learn to pronounce simple nouns (to name things), then verbs (action), and then have adjectives, numerals and so on. And more! Always, when the baby was able to master a new sound or syllable, praise him and rejoice with him.

By the way, scientists from Russia found a relationship between motor skills and speech. Do a gentle massage of the baby’s fingers and do not forget to talk to him and smile. When the child grows up, draw, collect a pyramid, sculpt from clay, play with bubble ball and so on. All these actions will stimulate the development of speech.

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