Children’s jumpers: benefits and harms

From a variety of physical activity of the child depends on his physical and emotional state. In infancy the main study of the surrounding world occurs at the hands of her mother: you can look in all directions, to reach interesting items, try them on the tooth. The problem is that mom can’t all the time to devote to the child, she should do household chores, sometimes to relax. In order not to restrict the child in motion, you can use baby preguntame.

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  • What’s the benefit of children’s jumpers
  • When children’s jumpers bring harm

Детские прыгунки: польза и вред

Design is a seat in the form of pants with a high breast and back. To them are attached the elastic straps. They are connected by a ring which hung in the doorway.

What’s the benefit of children’s jumpers

The main advantage of this design is the development of children vestibular system, strengthening of the spine. Being in jumpers teaches the child to control his body, to control the speed of the movements, to determine their position relative to surrounding objects. The child, being safe, he can jump, pushing off the floor with both feet. The constant flexion and extension trains and strengthens the muscles, and the kid such activity brings positive emotions.

When children’s jumpers bring harm

The limit for jumpers is the age of the child. You can’t use them until 7 months. To be in jumpers, baby should be able to sit independently, start to crawl, to be able to bend your back while lying on the stomach and keep the head more than a minute.

Being a long time in the jumpers, the child gets used that you can move, starting from the floor simultaneously with both feet, and begins to apply this rule, trying to walk and, of course, falls. Unsuccessful attempts to learn to move on their own, leading to frustration – the child often begins to walk later than their peers.

Incorrect height adjustment jumpers forces the child to step on your toes, and this habit also creates problems in learning walking.

Prolonged exposure of the baby in jumpers (more than 20 minutes) can lead to injury of the skin in the crotch area.

Proper use of jumpers will not harm the health of the baby. In the period after 7 months, the child actively explores the space starting to crawl. The development of these motor skills can be alternated with jumps. This will allow the child to develop harmoniously in accordance with age.

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