The inattentive child: should I be concerned

Parents often get angry due to the fact that their child is inattentive. Came home from school, undressed, and forgot the neatly folded clothes. No seized keys. Was late for training. Not washed a plate. And speech here goes not about a child’s laziness, and the fact that the child was going to do, but somehow forgot.

Невнимательный ребенок: стоит ли беспокоиться

The problem of inattention generally inherent in children of preschool and younger school age. They seemed to soar in the clouds, thinking about everything at once, but in the end always something not time. Parents worry for that, turn to the experts, reading specific literature. Think about how you can overcome the carelessness of the child. They think that children is not normal to be so forgetful, because age-related memory problems have not yet emerged.

However, nothing wrong in a child’s inattention no, if it is not, of course, pathological. Distraction is a common property of any child under ten years of age. And the younger the child, rasseyanie. Because children of this age focuses only on the fact that for them it is interesting and unusual. For boring objects, children can focus for a while. So it is understandable how a child could forget about the keys, the plate or clothes. Something more interesting at that moment attracted his attention, and the child rushed there.

The structure of the memory of the children of preschool and younger school age is also not yet fully formed, so sometimes the child can impress others, reproducing the details of an event down to the smallest detail, and sometimes has trouble remembering what was given for Breakfast at school. It’s simple – the event was interesting for him, amazed him, that’s the memory and captured it so clearly. But Breakfast is not important, especially if at Breakfast someone from classmates had told an interesting story.

To abuse for children is pointless, because they are not to blame in such cases. They would like not to do it, but I can’t. Such is the nature, it is useless to argue.

To treat it is also not necessary, because as they get older will increase the child’s ability to focus on uninteresting things and not be distracted. Will also develop and memory. Almost full it will become in adolescence. Therefore, we only need to wait a bit. And while it is possible to laugh at these lovely mistakes that a child does not have a purpose.

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