The child’s behavior at the table: tips for parents

The behavior of the children at the table for many parents is a big problem. Table etiquette nor is there any particular etiquette, no. He should teach a child, like everything else, his personal example and early childhood. If a parent is constantly walking around the apartment with a piece meal on the go and the child sees it, then what can be said?

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  • A personal example
  • Prohibitions are the same for all
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Поведение ребенка за столом: советы родителям

From early childhood, the child should be accustomed to the mode. Even if the child is reluctant to eat, you have to teach him once, neither moan nor to miss the first piece, and a little patience, to wait until all sit down at the table. And the parent, in turn, must immediately drop everything and start to feed the child is wrong. Of course, that we are not talking about very young kids who are fed on schedule.

Поведение ребенка за столом: советы родителям

A personal example

To solve this problem gradually. When you sit at the table with the child themselves should be — he’s an example: eating properly, respecting the etiquette to be able to use the Cutlery, not to speak, dropping food, to give thanks for the food. Never raise the table voice. Don’t do it especially when the child can’t do something. For example, a child can’t properly hold the plug, do not get it. Better get her, and then, after lunch, show what he did wrong. Tell us about safety and better if it is a little practice myself on toys, for example.

Поведение ребенка за столом: советы родителям

Prohibitions are the same for all

Never do yourself what you forbid your child. It is no secret that many of the parents simply cannot imagine watching TV without eating. So, if you are watching TV with a plate or a Cup, it is unlikely that the child will listen to you when you forbid him to do it. Do not break yourself of those rules that establish. Don’t have the habit to persuade their children to «eat a spoon for…». Why? Then without these games and coaxing your child does not sit at the table? Don’t do it. The food should be delicious and then the child himself will want to eat it. It is not necessary «push» into the baby’s mouth if he won’t eat. If that happens, in consequence, the child simply does not want to sit down and teach him good behavior he will be more difficult.

Поведение ребенка за столом: советы родителям

The common table

At a time when your child started to sit at the common table, do not forget to praise him. To praise you for many things: eating properly and accurately, uses a napkin, the right is holding a fork and a spoon, thanked mother or grandmother for a delicious lunch and a lot more. We must constantly remember that the rules of table etiquette should be measured against the age of the child. Not from a small child to require that he just does not understand yet. If you see that the child cannot or he had to use the same proverbial fork, don’t ask him that. Don’t bring anger or tears, leave it for later. Look at your requirements really. For example, if you are at a party or in a public place (bar, restaurant, café), you should teach the child, observing etiquette, to see out with all to the end of the meal. Well, if he’s home, it is possible to depart from this rule and while the adults are eating, let him go play with the other children in the nursery or to a toy, so it does not interfere at the table.

Поведение ребенка за столом: советы родителям

Every parent should know how to raise the child’s behavior at the table, using his or other people’s rules. But one thing he must always remember that the best example for a child is himself.

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