What love your heels?

If the beauty of nail art we care regularly, on the heels of remember when for their «spines» start to cling to tights. Autumn dry rough skin stop asking attention. And you can give it in abundance!

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  • Express care tips
  • 1. Apply a rich cream
  • 2. «Poskrbite»
  • 3. Poskrbite
  • 4. Make peeling
  • Heels love bacon

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Что же любят ваши пятки?

After a hot summer legs, plenty of which was along the sea and the damp earth, urgently need our care. Skin from long walks barefoot callous and hard. How to return to her former attractiveness and tenderness? It’s very simple! Moreover, it is not onerous and a lot of time you will not take. Choose any recipe and forward to return to its former beauty.

Что же любят ваши пятки?

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Express care tips

1. Apply a rich cream

To the skin of the feet always remained soft, before a shower, brush their fat cream and sit for 10 minutes. Then treat lightly moistened with water with a cheese grater for your feet. When the Horny layer will start to slide again soak the grater. Repeat this 3-4 times. After a shower, take a bath, smear feet with a nourishing cream and put on night cotton socks. 5-10 procedures, and legs you don’t recognize.

2. «Poskrbite»

Washed in the evening feet — RUB a little vegetable or cosmetic oil. A couple times a week complete care massage, foot pre-lubricated with fat cream, then put on night socks.

When the situation is critical, will save daily baths! As the water temperature 40 degrees, add a tablespoon of liquid soap, 2-3 drops of essential oil and soak feet in it for 10-15 minutes. Pat dry and grind large grater, nail file, periodically wetting with water feet. Rinse feet with cool water, apply a rich moisturizer and put on socks. Do the bath for two weeks and your feet will be softened.

Что же любят ваши пятки?

3. Poskrbite

Every two weeks «put on» the mask in the mask, they will appreciate your concern. Especially important will be for cracked heels. Before the procedure, rasparte feet in hot water with addition of boric acid (1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of water) or a decoction of oak bark. Then dry, apply a thick layer of vaseline on top will secure the bandage and leave overnight. This mask can be done daily.

Что же любят ваши пятки?

4. Make peeling

After bath, twice a week, pamper yourself with peels. The recipe is extremely simple: mix a tablespoon of honey with two tea spoons of sea salt and add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Gently reheat and apply on the foot, massaging for 5 minutes. Relax, think about something beautiful… After 15 minutes, rinse the mixture and RUB a nourishing cream. Heels you will be more than grateful.

Heels love bacon

If your refrigerator has a small piece of bacon, you can put on the altar of beauty. Pass the fat through a meat grinder and lubricate feet, bandage them, and after 20 minutes rinse well with warm water. The recipe is old as the world, and simple, as five cents, but highly effective.

Что же любят ваши пятки?

That’s all the secrets that you can easily alternate, combine, and choose the most affordable and convenient. Use them from time to time and your heels will tell you «thank you»!

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