3 popular myths about cellulite

How many legends have piled up in the world of «the great and powerful cellulite». And, if you combine them all together, there is hardly any truth to at least one printed sheet. What exactly is cellulite, really? What is the nature of its origin and what are the means under the force to resist him?

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  • 1. It is a disease
  • 2. It only happens in full
  • 3. This is a common fat
  • How to fight cellulite at home
  • 1. Wrap
  • 2. Anti-cellulite products

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3 распространенных мифа о целлюлите

Terrible word «cellulite» is called a local increase in the «lazy» fat cells, they absorb toxins, excess fluid and other nasty things. And get fat, getting fat, turning into those ugly bulging on the skin bumps. If you decide to fight them, it would be good to know the enemy, but even better in person.

3 myths about cellulite that are long time to dispel:

1. It is a disease

Cellulite is a cosmetic defect that is associated with the state of subcutaneous fat. The problem arises in connection with the peculiarities of the fat and lymph exchange and blood circulation in these areas of the body. Cellulite — does NS disease, and the physiological norm. In principle, the first stage of the «orange peel» — it is a natural phenomenon.

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2. It only happens in full

No direct relationship between cellulite and excess weight or age no. Cellulite is found in young slim girls. According to statistics, about 70% of the fairer sex have the «orange peel», and in this group there are women of different age and weight. Causes of cellulite: poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, hormonal changes, stress, Smoking, alcohol, genetic predisposition, etc.

3 распространенных мифа о целлюлите

3. This is a common fat

Cellulite is not just body fat, and its modified form. Unlike regular fat, it can not be eliminated only by using a low calorie diet. Comprehensive measures are needed. Of the most affordable — cosmetic products and household counterparts in-salon treatment.

How to fight cellulite at home

1. Wrap

This procedure can be done at home, just be careful, it is contraindicated if you have venous disease or the tendency to varicose veins. Before the wrapping procedure pre-heat body in the hot tub or sauna. Then proceed to cleansing with a scrub in a gel or saline based. Further, obtenebris with a towel, apply to problem areas active mask. For its preparation you can use brown algae, marine mud or clay. Having put the mask on the buttocks or thighs, wrap the body with cling film. Then cuddle up in a warm blanket is necessary to achieve the greenhouse effect. In this state, need to be 30-40 minutes. After removing the film, take a shower and rinse with. Apply to body anti-cellulite cream.

3 распространенных мифа о целлюлите

2. Anti-cellulite products

In the treatment of cellulite can not do without special makeup. Anti-cellulite funds includes components that improve the microcirculation (menthol, camphor, nicotinic acid, plant extracts) that strengthen blood vessels (extracts of horse chestnut, Ruscus spiny) and acting on adipose tissue (caffeine, extracts rich Yoda algae). Cosmetics, anti-cellulite, particularly effective in its early stage.

3 распространенных мифа о целлюлите

If you apply such funds before exercise, positive changes will not keep itself waiting long.

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