Thalassotherapy treatment or seafood

The techniques of thalassotherapy are becoming more and more popular because of the undeniable benefits and tangible results. But allow yourself to enjoy it can not only people with high incomes having the opportunity to travel to the resorts from the Maritime climate, but visitors average beauty.

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  • The nature and types of effects on the body
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Thalassotherapy in walking distance

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Талассотерапия или лечение дарами моря

Thalassotherapy is a method of alternative medicine known to our ancestors and aimed at the rehabilitation and treatment of the body seafood.

This technique is based on use of useful properties and qualities of not only the marine environment (water and air), but also by how rich the sea: mud, salt, extracts of plankton and algae.

The range of treatments intended under the variety of activities is very wide. This technique is aimed at the General improvement and strengthening of the body, weight loss, rejuvenation, relaxation and much more.

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The nature and types of effects on the body

The thalassotherapy treatments are often used by women who want to lose weight and to adjust the shape. But besides the cosmetic and aesthetic results of this technique can lead to improvement of an organism, restoration of the internal organs, nervous system, skin.

The types of thalassotherapy include the following procedures:

  • Hydrotherapy (treatment with steam, shower, bath, bath)
  • Heliotherapy (healing sun)
  • Mud
  • Cafeteria (inhalation of medicinal vapors, fresh air)
  • Cryotherapy (cold therapy)
  • Algotherapy (algae treatment)
  • Stone therapy (treatment using hot stones)

These procedures are able to exert a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antifungal, to prevent the development of tumors, and increase cholesterol and blood sugar, eliminate waste of metabolic processes and excess water, to eliminate the effects of intoxication, beneficial effects on the brain, lungs, heart and liver.

Indications and contraindications

Doctors prescribe treatment on the coast for patients with diseases of the genital organs, respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular systems, diseases of musculoskeletal system, dermatological problems (without exacerbation).

Unfortunately, not only visiting such procedures, but also long stay on the coast may not be for everyone. Doctors is contraindicated in cases when the acute or chronic disease is cancer pathology. Diabetes, hyperthyroidism and Allergy to iodine will also make it impossible treatment methods of thalassotherapy. But in any case you must consult a qualified professional.

Thalassotherapy in walking distance

If for any reason to visit the resort or the resort on the coast in the near future is not possible, a course of thalassotherapy treatments you can go to beauty salons offering SPA services.

Usually the list includes:

  • Pool with sea water (with the addition of therapeutic salts from the sea floor)
  • Cafeteria (in this case, getting the sea air takes place by artificial means)
  • The jets (water jet under pressure)
  • Algotherapy or mud (wrapping with the addition of the respective components)
  • Stone therapy (massage rich in trace elements of volcanic stones)

Apply techniques of thalassotherapy is possible and in house conditions. It can be a bath with sea salt or wraps and wraps using specialized tools.

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