First tattoo — to beat or not to beat?

Tattoos have long ceased to carry a just sense of the sacred. Today to adorn themselves with bright picture in honor of some event or for beauty can be anyone. But in choosing, applying and caring for a tattoo, a competent approach.

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  • The meaning and depth
  • Time does not heal
  • Without anesthesia
  • Contraindications
  • Proper care

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Первая татуировка — бить или не бить?

The meaning and depth

Someone wants to capture your body in a significant event, the name and image of a loved person or favorite animal. Others are happy to «wear» on characters of books, movies, comics. Some people prefer abstract, ornamental or geometric tattoos for their aesthetic component. It’s a matter of taste.

The only thing I would advise professionals to abandon popular stamps in the form of the hieroglyph, the sign of infinity, dandelion or cat on the wrist. And make something truly individual, something that will belong only to you, it’s for life. To an outsider, the viewer will just see a nice pattern, but for you it will be a piece of certain emotionally charged memories.

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Первая татуировка — бить или не бить?

Time does not heal

Temporary tattoos is a myth. Popular henna or mehendi does not have a real tattoo irrelevant. Of course, now there are laser devices that are able to brighten and even partially to remove the old «tattoo», but the process is long and very painful. Usually, the tattoo lightens only to at the same place to capture a new sketch.

Without anesthesia

Tattoo is pain. The process of application requires significant exposure, because the pain often does not hour and not two. Discomfort can be reduced with local anesthetic cream, but tattooists don’t really like to use them: often the skin to «harden» from such exposure, the paint starts to drive worse, the process of tattooing and even the subsequent healing increases over time. To tune in a positive way, before a session is a good night’s sleep, eat a good meal, drink some pills for the pain. Pain and fear is a product of the subconscious. If the tattoo first, and you still don’t know the level of your pain threshold, it is better to choose the most painless places — the shoulder, the outer side of the forearm, shoulder, thigh. But the area where the bones are located close to the skin (e.g. chest, back, spine), are the most painful.


It is impossible to do tattoos during pregnancy if you have skin disease, clotting and other blood disorders. If you are a native of hepatitis b virus and immunodeficiency syndrome, be sure to inform the master.

As a rule, masters do not tattoo persons under 18 years of age. Before a session you should not drink alcoholic beverages. Within 2-3 days after a session is also not recommended to consume alcohol and to engage in active sports. Until the tattoo is healed completely, absolutely can not go to the bath, sauna, Solarium, swimming pool and open water.

Proper care

It should be remembered that the beauty of your tattoo depends not only on effort, but also because of how responsibly you approach the question of healing. Even the best-quality tattoo can be spoiled by improper care or lack thereof. The standard method of care for a fresh tattoo to wash the irritated skin with warm water with soap, to sunscreen, to cover the damaged place with a bandage of absorbent diaper for 4 days, then continue to smear moisturizing cream.

Первая татуировка — бить или не бить?

So it would heal much faster, and it will be able to reveal it to the world!

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