5 wonders «of faulding» in the chest area

Many women are accustomed to worry only about the person, believing that the skin of the neck and decollete — this is the body. Hence, it can do without special care and cosmetology. The decision is very rash, because these areas need attention no less. Because age inexorably seeks to impose on them its imprint. To resist him is not only possible, but necessary. How to do it? Easy!

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  • Miracles «hasbinding»

To stop hair loss and accelerate hair growth

  • 5 чудес «фэйсбилдинга» в зоне декольте Peptide lotion «Active Peptide»
  • 5 чудес «фэйсбилдинга» в зоне декольте Firming lotion-spray «Hair Therapy»
  • 5 чудес «фэйсбилдинга» в зоне декольте Mask against hair loss and brittle hair, «Hair Therapy»

5 чудес «фэйсбилдинга» в зоне декольте

Disappointing, but the fact is that without proper care the skin in the chest area is aging faster than other areas, because it has some special features. First of all, it is a small number of sebaceous glands. And of excreted sebum is involved in the formation of the so-called hydro-lipid film, which prevents water loss from the skin surface. No film — the skin is less protected. The second feature décolleté — all layers of the skin here is more thin. In this respect it is more similar to the skin of the eyelids: dry, easily vulnerable, are susceptible to photodegradation. For this reason, without proper attention to the skin in these areas, we increase the chances of premature aging. It is expressed in sagging, loss of elasticity, and ultimately the appearance of facial wrinkles called «Rings of Venus».

5 чудес «фэйсбилдинга» в зоне декольте

How to cure hair loss 5 чудес «фэйсбилдинга» в зоне декольте hair Loss in men and women: how to stop and what to do to heal. In the modern realities of baldness is a common ailment in men of middle age. In some it starts at 30, and for 40 years develops to the maximum stage. For the elderly the reduction in the density of hair is normal. But the observation of this symptom in young people 20-25 years is alarming and calls for thinking about what problems can lead to thinning. To stop hair loss

Winter and summer

Care «tender» area is required all year round. But special attention should be paid to her during high solar activity. Do not forget about the means with 5РР and Pro active hydration and skin nutrition in this period. For décolleté and neck, there are special skincare. They contain active ingredients that nourish, moisturize, tighten and revitalize skin in these areas: vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid, placenta extracts, and various natural vegetable oils. A separate line of form products derived from seaweed, a good tonic, whitening and nourish the skin.

5 чудес «фэйсбилдинга» в зоне декольте

Age matter

Skincare for cleavage and vary depending on age. To 30 years, it is sufficient to use moisturizers and serums. Then it is better to focus on a more dense structure with vitamins and minerals. Women who have crossed forty, it’s important to stimulate the active work of skin cells with the tools with placenta extract, vitamin a and collagen.

At least once a week it is recommended to use a hydrating mask.And daily make time for the gym called «hasbinding». These exercises involve the muscles of the neck, which contribute to the strengthening of its internal frame, and also prevent sagging chin area and have a lifting effect.

Miracles «hasbinding»

1. His head thrown back, mouth slightly open. Pull lower jaw upwards, trying to close her mouth, and then return to the starting position. Try as much as possible to strain the muscles of the neck. Do 10 repetitions.

2. Straighten your back, relax your shoulders. Put your head down. Roll it from one shoulder to the other. Follow these 10 rifts then tilt your head back and repeat the exercise.

3. Straighten your back and shoulders. Turning his head, pull your chin to your shoulder, hold this position for a few seconds and return to starting position (shoulders in this case pull down). Repeat the exercise 5 times in each direction.

4. Repeat the previous exercise, only reach to shoulder with chin, and ear. Craning her neck, raise the chin as high up as possible 10 times.

5. Put elbows on the table, fingers interlock in the lock and put it on his chin. Hands try to lift the chin up and neck muscles resist this. Then change direction — now chin try to lower chained to the castle of the palm. Slowly lower chin to chest. Do 10-15 times.

5 чудес «фэйсбилдинга» в зоне декольте

That’s all! Do these little exercises and naslazhdaites of youth and beauty.

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