How to choose the model of bra

Correctly chosen underwear can highlight the beauty of the breast. To find this detail of female wardrobe, it is necessary to consider not only the parameters of the shape, but the features each model of bra.

Как выбрать модель бюстгальтера

Varieties of lingerie there are many. When you choose the model of bra it is important to find a convenient and beautiful accessory that emphasizes the dignity of the figure and hide flaws. Having dealt with the peculiarities of the popular types of strapless bodice, you can buy model Breasts of any size.


Popular model of bras, ideal for owners of small Breasts. This underwear is an almost flat strip, so part of the «charms» because of the cups peeks out. Due to the special design of the balconette and got its name.

The bra of this type is indispensable when wearing clothes with a plunging neckline. If you want you can buy balconette strapless, in that case it should support your Breasts. And if you need to get push up effect, you can choose a model with tight cups.


The product is designed to give additional volume. Dekolirovaniya bra with a low bridge will emphasize the beauty of Breasts. Plunge would be the best choice in case you want to choose a attire with sweetheart neckline. This model is suitable for Cup size no larger than C.

Plunge bras by design reminiscent of a balconette, and their name can be translated as «bow». This is the best option for an evening dress, super-trendy crop top or a blouse off the shoulder.


Bra-t-shirt how you can translate its name. This model emphasizes the breast shape, its difference is the absence of seams and fasteners. Providing practicality and unparalleled comfort, this design designers are indispensable when wearing form-fitting clothes.

T-shirt usually made from cotton or other natural fabric to ensure hygiene. The base model of women’s wardrobe often does not have laces and other decorative elements, the surface of the cups is smooth.


Model without shoulder straps, similar to a strip of elastic material is tape or a bandage. Perfect for owners of small breast size because the bodice does not guarantee good support. Iwai may have a bone or removable straps. Optionally, you can choose the bra with nested cups to visually increase bust. An indispensable item when wearing clothes with bare shoulders.


One of the most comfortable for continuous wear models. As you can tell from the name, this bra has no seams. Therefore, it is indispensable in cases, when an outfit made of thin fabrics, when the clothes are tight. Seamless underwear does not cause discomfort when wearing, it is virtually invisible under clothing.

Products of this type give the Breasts a natural rounded shape. When choosing a model for a large bust should look for a bodice with double layered cups that provide good support to the breast. Seamless bra is not recommended for sizes larger than F.


Is a product without an underwire and clasps. The bra has no lining, wear it over the head. Pallet recommended for owners of small breast size. Choose a model and for sleep, rest. It does not guarantee a rigid support, so linen is not advised to acquire women with large Breasts.


These products will be a godsend for women with big bust. The model is used in cases when you want to visually reduce the breast. Minimizer traditionally has wide straps, underwires for better support.

The linen cap has a larger diameter, so it reduces the projection of the breast. So the bra makes big Boobs graceful. Visual reduction of parameters is possible on the 3.2 cm and more. Also minimizer recommend to buy, if the Breasts have lost shape.


Practically invisible when wearing the bra, leaving the back open. The model has no straps, underwire and clasps. Made from silicone the cups are attached directly to the skin of the breast. It is recommended to wear them for a short time, so silicone bras are more likely to purchase for publication.

Products made of silicone will not be visible under light fabrics, backless, low-cut tops. The bra of this material served as long as possible, it is always important to use special inserts for cups. They come in the kit.


To choose this model need for training. In sports the female breast in need of special support, the sports bra provides good fixation and protection from injuries. The difference between this type of underwear is the use of elastic and dense fabrics. It can be cotton, excellent absorbent.

Most sports bras have no seams and underwire and shoulder straps – wide. Sometimes on sale you can find models without clasps, reminiscent of the short shirts with sewn-in cups. Due to the special design of this underwear is suitable for women with any breast size.

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