Why husband wants wife after childbirth

Many spouses are confronted with the fact that the husband indifferent to his wife after the birth of a child. But even the men themselves cannot accurately answer the question of why this is happening. The birth of a baby should bring his / her parents, but husband and wife are more business partners than lovers.

почему муж не хочет жену после родов

Why husband wants wife after childbirth: common causes

The first reason is psychological, but very few people thinks. The fact that when a woman becomes a mother, she radically changes his attitude to life. This primarily affects the surrounding people and mostly for his own wife. If earlier she was just a wife, after giving birth to her with new force awaken maternal instincts, unfortunately, they apply not only to the baby but also the husband, the woman starts to raise the spouse, and he begins to see her friend and mistress, and his own mother. About sexual attraction in this situation and think is not necessary.

The second reason is fairly obvious: the baby takes a lot of time and effort from both spouses. During the day the man spends time at work, and in the evening he devotes to his child, not his wife. The wife, in turn, the entire day is spinning like a squirrel in a cage, even in this crazy race almost never stops. Naturally, the atmosphere that prevails in the house where there is a small child, is unlikely to contribute to harmonious and regular sex life. It does not say that no sex at all, he is, but not in that quantity, and not of the quality that early.

The last reason is changes in appearance of his wife. A woman’s body changes after giving birth, many mothers gain pounds during pregnancy, and after. In such a situation particularly guilty husband in the extinction of desire. Even with a minimum amount of free time a woman should try to look after themselves, to look if not sexually, then at least well-groomed and attractive. This will benefit not only the family but also the psychological state of a woman — a beautiful reflection in the mirror is uplifting and makes more confident.

How to return desire of the husband after giving birth

Of course, reasons why a man doesn’t want his wife after childbirth, may not be three and more, but there is a solution.

First, we need to be patient, because the baby grows fast over time, worries become less, and women the opportunity to gradually return to the usual for her image and life. In addition, the couple have more free time that can be devoted to each other.

Secondly, you need to give each other time to adapt to new roles in the family, because both man and woman experience stress.

Conclusion: if a man and a woman truly love each other, then the temporary absence of a regular and fulfilling sex life is a coming phenomenon need to worry. Many families are facing the same problem, but with patience, most of them managed to establish a perfect intimate relationship after 2-3 years, and sometimes earlier.

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