How pregnant to avoid stretch marks

During pregnancy in the deeper layers of the skin starts weakening the fabric. The skin is exposed to a strong stretching, which can lead to its tearing. In place of gaps are formed striae – stretch marks, which are then very difficult to remove at home.

Как беременной избежать растяжек

Stretching is easier to prevent than to treat existing scars. Most often the cause of stretch marks is the abrupt stretching of the skin in the abdominal area and thighs. And contribute to this earned pounds.

Racing weight during pregnancy will not only stretch, but also to hypertension. So rethink your diet. Full meals should be no more than 5 times a day. But if you want to snack, eat an Apple, a vegetable salad or drink fresh juice. But the buns and white bread have to get on the prohibited list. The bread is better black or grain. And if you still want to treat yourself to a sweet, try low-calorie desserts based on yoghurt.

It is very important to keep drinking regime. But the calculation of water consumption during pregnancy should be of individual character. You now do not fit the average recommendation. Only a doctor can tell how much water you should drink based on your weight, activity and medical conditions. If the body is not getting enough fluid, it will start to pick up from the skin. And you will encounter dryness, brittle nails, fatigue. And dry skin is more prone to stretch marks.

Use special cosmetics. Stomach can smear creams and oils from the first weeks of pregnancy. Only it should be special facilities for expectant mothers. The line of such creams and oils can be found at Mommy Care, Materna, Mammacoccole, Bio-Oil, Veleda. Well help prophylactically coconut oil in the solid state, and sesame oil.

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