How to choose a gift according to the type of perception

Choose the right gift can be difficult. Everyone is different with their interests, tastes and preferences. And so for each of us the idea of a perfect gift are completely different.

Как выбрать подарок по типу восприятия

Psychologists divide all people on how they perceive information and the world around us. There are three types: visual, kinesthetic and auditory. Figure out who is who and what is better to give them.

To determine the type of human perception is not so difficult. To define it will help test. Ask the person a question that makes one think, to remember something (ask how he celebrated last birthday, or how you spent your vacation). Then carefully watch the movement of his eyes. If a person, in thought, looks up to the right or left, then it is wholly a visual that represents visual images or draw a picture. Look down to the right kinesthetic (people that focus on their feelings and sensations). Right or left (to their ears) look auditory (as they are trying to evoke sound images).

Visualization — large aesthetes and dandies. Their beautiful, elegant gift. For example, a painting, a statuette, unusual decoration. The main thing is the originality of the gift and holiday packaging.

Kinesthetic love tactile sensations. A gift for the tactile learner needs to be in the first place, pleasant to the touch. Suitable products from natural materials (wool, wood), but metal should be avoided. Appropriate warm Slippers, Bathrobe, and means on care of a body.

Auditory for the most part have a good ear for music. So they will like the gifts related to music, as well as those that caress the ear. For example, good records or CDs of music. A good option is suspension of the «music of wind» and table fountain (the sound of running water is very pleasant auditory).

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