Your child goes to first grade

Psychologists say that the number of first-graders, frustrated by school, is almost 40%. So there is no idealization of the school. However, and scaring her child is not worth it. It is best to explain to first graders the difference between teacher and educator. You also need to tell him what lesson, and how long it lasts. It will be good if you will try to collect the satchel.

Ваш ребенок идет в первый класс

According to various studies, the number of first graders who are afraid of the upcoming school, is about 15%. This number if not more, necessary and educationally neglected children, children, education which parents absolutely do not pay any attention.

Also statistics show that 35% of preschoolers catastrophic lack the attention that is paid to them by adults. The parents of successful students systematically monitor their daily progress, try to develop them, and this is important, confidence in their abilities. Also such parents systematically encourage their students to overcome learning difficulties, to exercise efforts and achieve success. As a rule, in these families, children feel safe and are confident that their parents love them very much.

Your child goes to first grade! First of all, we should heed the advice of psychologists who advise parents to abandon the idea to make your child a student. It’s one thing to dream and strive for it, another thing to achieve it at the cost of mental and physical health of the child. It is best to focus on how to create all the necessary conditions for the further comprehensive development of your student. However, at the same time, one should not adhere to the theory that in the education of the student is paramount – not to disturb him develop. This theory today is not justified.

Your child goes to school! «Want-can-will!» — here is the vector, which must be adhered to in the upbringing of the child. Only under the condition that the young mind will settle these composite, we can hope and talk about normal development, confident personality. «The main thing is to prepare your child for life,» experts say.

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