How to make a passionate home sex

In the beginning of a relationship, when passion and infatuation mixed with hormones, problems boring sex life does not occur. Sex brings bright emotions, they want to do with your loved one anywhere and anytime. And after two or three years the passion fades, love life becomes routine, often unwanted. How to diversify the usual home sex, that he again brought strong emotions of the first months of communication?


The usual home sex the main problems of partners

The main problems that make the home the sex boring everyday routine and dissatisfaction of the partners to each other. Misunderstandings pile up, I remember the quarrels and insults. All this makes impossible high-quality intimate life. So at night ablaze with passion, and in the daytime need to create the proper environment. How to return to bed understanding? It’s simple:

  • during the day say partner pleasant words, compliments;
  • surprise — prepare unusual “holiday” dish, give the thing a partner had long dreamed of;
  • throughout the day, send an SMS with the words “I love you”. “I want you”, “you’re the best/best”;
  • start with erotic conversation partner, send each other photos in lingerie;
  • in the evening, have a bite to eat — before a passionate night is not worth it to eat, to have sex it will be difficult;
  • drink a little wine or brandy, to relax;
  • look together an erotic film;
  • enjoy sex games, tie partner’s eyes, use sex toys, ice, grease, gels for massage;
  • let the prelude will be a long one, excite each other without penetration so sex both partners wanted very much.

According to the observations of psychologists studying the problems of sexual life of the spouses, after only one night of passionate sex most of the problems of understanding are resolved by themselves. But if intimate discharge will be regular and quality, we will improve in the family relations between spouses, the husband and wife will listen to each other, will petty, but annoying deficiencies before.

Home sex what to do with relatives?

Another issue that makes home sex routine — the presence in the apartment of the parents or children. When the wall of a sleeping baby or not sleeping elderly mother does not clear up in bed. And that’s the reason, or rather, its consequences — the emergence of tension between the spouses, the inability to obtain sexual release, many divorced couples in second to fifth year of life together. And this problem is substantial, and worth it to try to solve it.

If there is no opportunity to live separately from their parents, then do soundproofing in my room. So you could not hear the relatives often enough sheathing material soundproof one or two walls. Also periodically change homemade sex on nights of passion in the country, outdoors in a tent, take a room in the hotel, use the car and garage. Unfamiliar places excite, and the danger of being caught for “interesting” makes an incredibly strong passion.

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