Why guy doesn’t want to get married: the main causes

Some guys don’t hurry to the registry office, even if you are in long term relationships. Here, your close friend in three months after they met is already trying on her wedding dress, and you two together, and you all the time assures that the seal in the passport will not change anything. In order not to hurry to tie the knot, in men, there are a number of reasons ranging from psychological problems and ending with mundane, materialistic reasons.

Почему парень не хочет жениться: основные причины


1. Unsuccessful previous marriage
Some men are very upset about your divorce. Sometimes they may permanently remain psychological trauma. Sleepless nights many times they swear to myself that I would never bind themselves by formal relations. These men extremely difficult to convince again to trust women. They will find many excuses in order not to apply to the Registrar. They will be long to tell that in the beginning of the previous relationship they were, but then the marriage broke up. Do not waste time and assure him that everything will be different. He long remembered his previous experience of family life is unknown and when you decide again to tie the knot.

2. He gets
Before the average man only after marriage could enjoy regular sex, and this fact was a powerful incentive to force a man to marry. Now all the couples and marriage without having sex and the girl keeps her virginity before marriage is a great rarity. If all the joys of sex you can get without commitment, then why be bothered with a family and restrict freedom.

3. You don’t like his mom
For some men it is very important the opinion of his mother, so it happened and there’s nothing you can do about it. Sometimes a mother’s love knows no bounds. Mother feels her son deserves a better woman, and he listens to her opinion and is very afraid to hurt her, ignoring the woman who once gave him life.

4. He does not want to share his property
Need clearly understand that you are in relation to your elect. In today’s world fewer Cinderellas who have found a selfless Prince, not having a soul. If a man has his own living space, country house, expensive car and a Bank account, he will be very careful to treat all applicants for his hand and heart. Of course, that such a man is very popular among women, but to force him to marry sometimes very difficult.

5. He doesn’t want to take responsibility
Even if currently you do not earn less, we must understand that soon this situation will change dramatically with the birth of a child a woman for several years it becomes completely dependent on her husband. Some men genuinely do not want to marry formally because they are afraid that they will not be able to cope with the responsibility for the family.

6. He wants to build a solid Foundation for marriage
If the man himself grew up in difficult conditions, for example, in a one-room apartment with his parents, grandmother and younger sister, then for his family life wants to create normal conditions. In his mind firmly entrenched the idea that marriage requires a lot to achieve in life: to get a normal housing, buy a car, to achieve success in your career.

7. He wants diversity
It is clear that there are monogamous men, who from an early age are ready for serious relations and strong family, but these guys, unfortunately, are very few. Most men all the time seeks for new impressions. Some men simply are not in a hurry, because you can married at forty, and fifty years. Here women need to rush things, otherwise you can remain childless old maid surrounded by cats and memories of a bygone youth.

8. He doesn’t like you
Men, no matter what, looking for the perfect woman, worthy of love. If the guy makes you an offer, maybe he just doesn’t like you. Think about it, because it often happens that one girl for years, meet, and get married to another after only a month after they met. Often hear from men these words: «I only saw her and immediately knew, this is It».

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