How to live happily leap year

There is a lot of superstitions associated with leap year. It is considered that in this year there are more disasters and accidents in comparison with ordinary, non-leap years. What brings us the leap year? Whether to believe superstitions and fear?

Как счастливо прожить високосный год

On national signs on a leap year should not plan the new business, especially construction, moving, marriage, changing jobs won’t work. But is it, or do we have to postpone our lives on hold because of old superstitions?

Marriage in a leap year

Many signs especially connected with marriage. It is believed that the next two years will be bad for marriage. However, it is worth noting that in Russia a leap year was considered as year of brides, in this year every girl had the right to Woo a popular guy and he could not refuse. So many men married unloved, resulting in a lot of marriages contracted in a leap year, was falling apart. Hence, most likely, was born a legend about a bad year for marriage. So, if you believe in reciprocity of your feelings, you can plan a wedding celebration.

The birth of a child

To people born in a leap year, has been treated with reverence. They were believed to be endowed with supernatural powers and destined for an unusual fate. Also there is a belief that people born in a leap year, are long-lived. And yet our ancestors believed that newborns this year bring luck and happiness to your loved ones. Most importantly, remember that no matter what the year, no born your baby is always a joyful family event.

Actually studies have long shown that a leap year is no different from the usual. It accounts for only a tenth share of all the calamities and natural disasters (a small percentage). Therefore, do not be afraid of him and build our lives on the fear of old superstitions. Tune in positive and plan your destiny and achieve new heights, and then you in any year are waiting for prosperity and success!

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