How to quietly turn a girl on

If you want to quietly excite a girl and prepare her for sex so she thought that she wanted it, adopt few simple techniques. They will help her tune in a sexy mood and to respond to the passionate impulse of his beloved.

Как незаметно возбудить девушку


1. Of course, you must already be a girl in a relationship, unbeknownst to her to initiate. In order to subtly persuade a girl to have sex with you, it is necessary that she was in a good mood and feel fresh and rested. Women live in emotions, inner spirit so they badly need. No need to be pushy and try to pressure the girl, especially if she is obviously in a bad mood. It will not dramatically switch and tune in a desired sexual wave.

2. You can arrange your favorite surprise. Organize a romantic evening and you do not need to spend much money, just enough to show a little imagination. Girls love all sorts of romantic things, even if it is carefully concealed. Prepare light meals and light the candles – sometimes this is enough to set the woman in a romantic mood, and then to a passionate night at hand.

3. During a romantic dinner try all the time to listen, even if you are not interested in what she tells you. By the way, the talent of the listener is absolutely necessary for men. During conversation touch her constantly, but do it casually. During the conversation try to talk about it, let it become the center of attention for the evening. Don’t forget to give her compliments, but do not overdo it. Your praise should be a welcome and significant. Women appreciate beautiful words and understanding, but frankly Yes my son is not worth it, besides the fact that women love with their ears, they have well-developed intuition, which can help to recognize your insincerity.

4. At the end of the evening not in a hurry to take the initiative to invite the girl to have sex with you. She should not have even thought of that throughout the evening you only thought about how to lure her into bed. If it is set to continue the evening, we’ll be sure to let you know, all the more so by your actions you already to this a little pushed.

5. Unobtrusive start to fondle her, only without rudeness: whisper her ear gentle words, easy touch and do not hold your hands on any one area of her body. If the last time it was brought your touch to her breast, it does not mean that today will be the same. Oddly enough, but most women wandering erogenous zone, and they depend on her mood. Gently explore her back, neck, hips, fingers, elbow crease, not napirayte, let her get used to the idea that today, intimacy with you is inevitable.

6. If you caress her Breasts, try to do it gently. In any case, do not knead the breast like dough, and do not pull it from side to side. Don’t get too insistently to fondle her nipples as this could hurt her, or not exactly a pleasant feeling. Many men love all the attention to focus on women’s Breasts and nipples, starting to pull at the fingers of these very sensitive bogorotsky aggressively and passionately kissing the Breasts of his partner. Your task is to immerse the girl in a gentle languor and turn it into one big erogenous zone, and the main thing here is to act gently, but persistently.

7. Do not think that if you love his oral caress the girl, then it’s bound to excite. Cunnilingus is an art and not all men know how to make a girl have an orgasm. Oral sex should be not very long and monotonous. Of course, during cunnilingus, there is no need to pause and ask the woman: «You okay?» or «do You like it?». These questions are very much to laugh at the crucial moment. Also looks very funny when a man tries to trace in the face of a reaction partner, all the while, raising his head and looking between her legs.

8. After sex do not fall asleep at once and behave with a woman in the same way as before. Be sure to continue to show tenderness, be sure to thank her. If you spend the night together, do not fall asleep immediately after sex. Talk to her, Pat her, kiss.

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