Why do women scratch your back men

Some girls like to show their passion, scratching my back to the man during sexual intercourse. What motivates them to do this and as such the feelings of the men react.

Почему женщины царапают спину мужчинам

Sometimes men like it when a woman in the throes of passion furiously bites them in the back, leaving marks. A man can even including war wounds to show off to friends: «look how I’m a Male!» However, some men this behavior of the partner can be confusing and even cause negative emotions. What’s going on in the minds of the girls when she is scratching her back to her lover.

Want to leave a reminder of himself

This is especially true if the man is married. Passionate lover leaves a reminder on the back unfaithful husband, a wife the message of her lover.

Also a woman can scratch his back to his lover, especially when they very rarely see, and she misses him.

Wants to show what she’s passionate and sexy

Some ladies want to demonstrate their sexuality, watching films and listening to the stories of friends. It is believed that this is the highest degree of eroticism, therefore women stripe mercilessly sharp claws back their beloved men to show their unbridled passion.

Does it unconsciously

Contrary to popular belief that all the girls scratch the back of their men during sex consciously, sometimes it’s really this is done unconsciously, in a fit of passion. During intercourse, when the man is on top, there is an overwhelming desire to hug him, glaring into the skin with your nails. I want to hold a loved one tight as possible to myself and all of this is done unconsciously.

In some women lives a little sadistic, which is a great pleasure to cause a little pain to his beloved, especially in moments of intimacy, when really disconnected consciousness and becomes impossible to control their actions.

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