Therapeutic exercises

Who needs it? First of all sick people. Traditional and non-traditional medicine fully supports it. Such exercises should not be confused with ordinary physical activity. It is aimed at a certain area of muscles for speedy recovery. It can be diseases of the spine, heart, lungs and cancer. There are several groups of medical gymnastics.

Лечебная гимнастика

Respiratory physiotherapy — restores metabolism, improves lung function, improves circulation and relieves inflammation.

Gymnastics in water is a wonderful remedy for the treatment of degenerative disc disease. Also swimming is useful for blood circulation, weight loss, normalize the nervous system, train the legs, abdomen, back and hands. Before going to the pool, you must warm up your muscles by making a few movements in the gym. Water should be no more than ten minutes.

Chinese Qigong was created in ancient times. It is suitable for people with different levels of training. Charging is done in slow mode. According to the legend, «Qi» means energy that is inside us. Exercises aimed at replenishing the lost energy. It is believed that the person recovers and extends its life.

Gymnastics with a ball is the easiest way of exercising at home. Helps with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the spine and neurological disorders. It helps to get rid of diseases and return to normal life. But to neglect the exercise is not necessary, they are recommended to be done regularly, otherwise the result will be.

The advice of doctors

It is worth mentioning that gymnastics has a beneficial effect on patient health. Doctors all over the world adhere to this kind of treatment. When cancer zabolevanijami the surgery the patient needs to perform daily exercises. And in any case not lose heart.

Of course, there are contraindications for remedial gymnastics. It is the exacerbation of chronic diseases, thrombosis, acute pain, psychiatric disorders and heart failure.

How to do

If exercises are made with the instructor, since you removed all responsibility. Sometimes patients choose their own exercises and do it at home. It also gives a good result.

Where should I start? Start the exercise with the lightest of movements, gradually progressing to the complex ones. During training, some movements can be difficult given, but in two days the muscles come in tone and do get better. You must also abide by the rules. For example, before exercise to warm up your muscles. If running is contraindicated, they warm up with a hot bath. Then the pain will be less.

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