Modern Shaolin

Many know the story of the Shaolin temple in various films, myths, and legends. But not all of what we know is true.

Современный Шаолинь


This monastery is located on mount Songshan in Central China (Dengfeng city). Building highlights its distinctive architecture. The temple may seem unusual and at the same time, attractive for its originality.

It is known that the monastery lay in ruins for half a century. It was the result of the Second world war. In this regard, in the Shaolin temple there were only eight monks who knew the art of martial arts and meditative techniques. Yes and teach at the time was absolutely no one.

But over time the monastery began to be adjusted. Funds were allocated for the restoration of the temple. After all, Shaolin is not only a landmark of China, but also its cultural heritage. Therefore, for Chinese people it is very important that the monastery was restored.

Direct contribution to the development of the temple brought cinema. A large flow of novices was the period of release of the film «Shaolin Temple». While the film enjoyed great popularity. Young people are interested in learning martial arts.

In our days monks also teach young people martial art and spiritual balance. Acquire the power of the spirit and learn to live a proper lifestyle is the main goal of novices.

As in the old days, the monks also dressed in yellow robes spacious. If you talk to one of them, you can feel the full force of the spirit of the students of Shaolin.

Nearby commercial martial arts schools. They are intended for foreign tourists. Anyone can attend one or several classes, and to learn more about kung fu. A few lessons you will hardly be able to master all art, but perhaps will learn a few techniques.

There is a legend about the «southern Shaolin». She was the author of a fictional adventure novel. It was called «WAN nian Qing». The book describes how the future Emperor of China went to South China, and with him were unusual things.

In the story described in this novel, believed the illiterate inhabitants of China. Since this legend passed from mouth to mouth, from generation to generation. Actually nothing like this has happened, as «South Shaolin» simply did not exist. All geographic data were checked by field expeditions, and was not found a single building and object, described in the book.

Walking around the temple, you can find several stalls selling goods and products. There you can buy Souvenirs.

By itself, the area is a tourist place, but the cafes and restaurants nearby a bit. Near the monastery there are a couple of Chinese restaurants where you can have a good lunch. No matter how gourmand you are, carefully choose the dish. Chinese cuisine is quite different from Russian, so it is best to check with the waiter. The main thing is not to eat something that could spoil your walk to Shaolin.

By visiting the Shaolin temple in our time, you will feel the magic of China and will come into contact with the historical era of the great monastery.

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