Running from scratch

Daily in surrounding things (magazines, Newspapers, television, the Internet) people see the perfect men and women with magnificent bodies and dreaming to have the same. The most popular way out is to sign up for a fitness and go there 3 times a week. But many justify themselves by saying that they do not have enough money to constantly go to the halls and to eat properly, saying that a healthy lifestyle is expensive. Reveal all the secrets.

Бег с нуля

You can play sports without spending a single penny, and eat right, you must start small, that is, to limit yourself to the minimum (avoiding fried, flour, fat) and be sure to drink plenty of water.

So, there are certain rules of running for beginners. First, you need to run slowly. You should not rush as if you being chased by the maniac, because it’s extremely tiring and people much more quickly losing ground. That is, if you jog, you can run twice the distance than to scoot. At easy running the base, which is essential to all athletes.

The next step is time. At first it will be very difficult to run a big lap. You should not torture yourself. A beginner starts from 5 minutes and it gets to a time more than 40 minutes, as after 40 minutes of physical activity the body includes biological processes of fat burning.

And the last moment is the number of workouts per week. For best results, you need to run 4 times a week, leaving 3 days for recuperation of the body. In a 3-day break is better push press, you stretch, go to the pool.

Now a few tips. Doctors do not recommend to run with headphones, as this is a distraction from the breath, pulse. On the whole, while running in the head can be born brilliant ideas, as it is a kind of meditation, and the music will only bring down the thoughts. But for many, music helps to maintain the rhythm and spirit of the run. Also, do not run immediately after eating, because instead of having fun will be obtained only discomfort. And the obligatory action before run – this workout, which will help your muscles to prepare for physical activity. And warming up the muscles will prevent soreness after a workout.

So, those who use the eternal excuses – just lazy, because sports do not always require large financial costs and a huge waste of time. The main thing – desire.

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