What cosmetics to choose and how to do it

If you want your makeup really helped you to hide imperfections of your face, so she looked after your skin and to its use brings you pleasure, you must in cosmetics to follow several simple rules.

Какую косметику выбрать и как правильно это сделать

The number one rule is to pick only the cosmetics that is designed specifically for your skin type. If you, for example, are choosing a concealer, make sure you read the label to him and make sure that the cream suitable for your skin type perfectly, otherwise the skin will not perceive this tool adequately, and on the face may appear inflammation and flaking.

Rule number two — never take your time choosing cosmetics. If you choose on the website for a new cosmetic, and next to you is your child — give your toddler a favorite toy that he at least didn’t distract you. At the same time you can choose for him a new toy.

While your child will be entertained, you will be able from a huge variety of beauty products to choose the one that will suit your needs the most.

Rule number three — choose cosmetics that matches your age. Not worth it for a young girl to buy a concealer that effectively hides age spots, and Mature woman is the best to buy products with a mark of 40+, only such cosmetics will effectively help them to deal with various age-related changes.

Rule number four — buy the cosmetic products that you trust, don’t get fooled by new-fangled advertising.

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