How to prevent dry skin

Despite the fact that caring means hand today, there is quite a lot, almost every woman is faced with the problem of dry skin.

Как предотвратить сухость кожи рук

This problem entails a lot of trouble. This peeling, and the micro cracks, and wounds. Kind of dry and flaky skin not the most attractive. To eliminate dry skin, you need to begin to identify the cause.

Cause dry can different factors:

  • Negative environmental factors: wind, cold, sun.
  • The interaction of the skin with detergents.
  • The lack of vitamins or vitamin deficiency.
  • Irregular care for your hands or the lack of it.

Hand skin contains much less moisture than the skin of the face. There is almost no sebaceous glands, making it more vulnerable. Therefore, it is important to care for your hands regularly. After each wash wipe dry their hands.

Hastily mopped his hands can hold the moisture, which will evaporate and lead to dryness. Wear mittens and gloves in natural materials. Although there are high-quality synthetic materials.

For example, high quality children rubber shoes can be very suitable for a child, while poor quality may cause harm.

The same goes for synthetic materials. If they are high quality, it will not cause your skin harm. For daily care of hands use creams and lotions. In summer you can use creams that contain UV filters. While cleaning the house or washing dishes wear gloves. If skin severely dried up, you can try masks and compresses.

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