How to choose the right red lipstick

Red lipstick out of fashion and time, it is always relevant and, according to stylists, it suits absolutely everyone. The main thing is to choose the right shade that is right for you.

Как выбрать подходящую красную помаду

Tips for choosing the perfect red shade

1. For dark skin suits bright and deep red (cranberry, wine shades). The lighter the skin, the softer should be the hue (red-violet, crimson). Very light skin shades are suitable tomato color.

2. On a date choose not too full-bodied tone. For parties, you can use any, even the most «flashy» colors. For a celebration or theatre would be appropriate to choose deep red, in combination with an evening dress and hairstyle, the effect will be stunning. But to work is better to choose other, more peaceful color.

3. The brighter the lipstick, the more modest the rest of the makeup. This is the main rule of harmony in the makeup. The perfect, classic red lipstick, a light liquid concealer natural color and thin black arrows on the eyelids. From the shadows should be abandoned. Also, do not use bright blush, peach matte valid.

4. It is best to apply red lipstick with a special brush, so the result is much neater, and therefore look lips will be better. Perfect for a face-up, first use a contour pencil, the color is identical to the lipstick. Trace the outline, and only then apply lipstick.

5. Red lipstick should not be applied on exfoliated lips, it will accentuate these disadvantages.

6. Stay tuned for makeup during the day, because red lipstick require precise application. Do not forget from time to time to tint the lips.

Useful tip: to choose the right shade of red, apply lipstick on the pads of the fingers, the skin tone is close to the shade of the lips.

It is important to know: the darker tone of lipstick and the denser its texture, the lips already seem to be, and Vice versa, the light and bright colors visually makes lips look bigger and more tempting. Cold shades make your teeth whiter, but warm and can give them a yellow.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and be sure to try the red shades and you will not go unnoticed!

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