Evening makeup for blue eyes

In the evening the lighting is usually softer, and activities at this time most often have an entertaining character. Therefore, the blue-eyed beauties makeup for the evening can be more vivid and bold.

Вечерний макияж для голубых глаз

It is not necessary to apply rich shades of blue, as this will create a feeling of fatigue. It is better to take lighter shades of that color.

To create a radiant look can in the evening to take makeup shade of lilac, green and gray shades. To view really Shine, you can take sequins.

It is important to all the skin flaws, to try to hide. You need to take a Foundation that is lighter than leather, single tone, or concealer. We must not forget that for successful and beautiful makeup need perfect skin.

If eye makeup should be applied a pale blue color as the main. It is the shade of this color to apply on the upper eyelid, as well as the same pencil to draw a line on the edge of the lower eyelid. Then apply a thin layer on the upper eyelid and the shadows to shade. This will create a gorgeous, Smokey shade.

For more expressive makeup on the lash line on the upper eyelid make a line with dark gray cosmetic pencil or liner. It should to the outer edge a bit to thicken. You can even draw an arrow-tail. The edge of the lower eyelid is the same pencil to underline, beginning with the mid-line. After that you should apply mascara on lashes in two or three layers to give the look more expressive.

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