The little secrets of perfect hair

Negligence, curls, sleek strands never go out of fashion. You should know that the secret to a good hairstyle lies in how accurately you describe to the hairdresser what do you want to get.

Маленькие секреты идеальной прически

Fashion artistic effect of disorder and negligence will give milled strands of different lengths. If you have very thin hair, the haircuts with lots of layers as the strands will look very washed-out. It is best to ask the master to do the tapering from the face, and a light cascade at the ends of her hair.

If you like straight hair the perfect gloss, it is better to prefer haircuts with strands the same length and smooth the ends. Optionally, you can make a small graduations on the ends. Layered haircuts make hair a little messy and deprive strands of glitter — the split ends will appear across the length of the hair.

The girls who have curly hair, you need to discuss with the hairdresser additionally the shape of the future hairstyles. The length of hair you need to choose shoulder length or slightly longer. Let strands frame your face, and the graduation starts from the ear lobe. If you are not a lover of torn hair, then you need to ask the master to shift the calibration to the ends of the hair.

The curls also look great with the haircut Bob. You can also choose a Bob haircut-Bob with graduated strands.

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